UChicago, Advocate and NorthShore partners on children

UChicago, Advocate and NorthShore partners on children

Three health organizations have joined together to monitor the health of children in Chicago, and possibly in the past.

UChicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, Advocate Hospital and Children's Hospital at University of HealthSystem University of NorthShore today announced a new new partnership-soon to improve education and training for medical doctors, and to improve the way of treating immunizations for patients.

Comer Chicago has links between NorthShore and Advocate Children, who live in Oak Lawn and Park Ridge.

The partnership between Advocate and NorthShore-launched on July 1-began shortly after the parties signed a deal with them last year, said Mike Farrell, chairman of the Advocate Children and team members at NorthShore .

The leaders sought a way to work together, and doctors were "the first thing that came into their minds," Farrell said. "This is just a different business plan … while you think about where health is happening, the size and scale of the product is very different. When we meet the skills-first physician – a in different organizations, we have the strength "to expand and distribute.

Additionally, the program was funded and funded, organized by the organizations and organizations of the organizations, he added.

Currently, Comer has joined forces,

involved with organizations in rheumatology and surgery. For example, Dr. Jessica Kandel is a engineering engineer in Comer and a director of the Advocate Children's Department of Health, says Dr. John Cunningham, a doctor at the comer committee and the UChicago Medicine Department of Health.

With most inflammatory diseases that inflict on small patients, the collaboration provides a complete number of patient people to try new ways of relaxing, says Cunningham. "If we're all working in parting, it can not be done, but by bringing it all, we will bring those who are important and research in the market and most importantly-for kids quickly."

This can lead to a close relationship between nations, Farrell says, focusing on small children in cities such as Cincinnati, Denver and Philadelphia.

"Children's groups are united with each other because of whom we care," Farrell said. "We're competing?" Yes, we do but we're looking for, which is the best thing we can do for the boy who volunteers? If any of us can not do it, they will find the way to do it all over again. "

"UChicago, Advocate Children and NorthShore partners on children"originally appeared in Crain's Chicago Business.