Two Soft Starfish with Brown Brown

Two Soft Starfish with Brown Brown

A double-barbecue double baked bread with brown bread and brown fat

We will stick to the correct idea of ​​the correct ideas, be sure to start a conversation. The two baked apples are not only delicious but they have an interesting story about the different types of sweets.

What is comedy?

The Honeynut machine was developed through the competition between Dan Barber and Michael Mouzarek. Goal: grow good repairs on floors. In fact, not only the beverage maker comes from this problem, but a new breeding company has focused on reproductive vegetables called Row 7 & # 39; I dream of increasing the variety of different types.

According to the bee bags, you are thinking about what the taste tastes like the taste. It has a warm sweet, ordinary plastic bag that you can not compete with. Beverage machine & # 39; honenut squash & # 39; has been cleaned with the taste of his mind and is sure to live on that goal.

Green change

Of course, it is not always easy to find this nice and accurate one. This dish works only as well as ordinary organic, delicata bread, or squash-cows. You can always change the structure of the try to try twice a sweet potato.

Use this dish

Obviously, this can add your holiday experience. It's the best way to add your skin color. In addition, these two baked and baked baskets can be easily prepared before and once again baked before serving them.

Apart from weekends, this diet is great with salads (such as pies), quinine or coconut cake, or cake / cookies.

Make it Vegan

Turn the butter out onto olive oil. The taste is not the same but also it will also work. You can also go to boiled oil as a walnut oil. The use of walnut oil can add a pleasant flavor, which works well with the bones and oils.

A picture of a double baked bread with dark and dark brown



Wonderful Ways to Prepare for Sunday or Sunday lunch, these two baking soda are light bulbs but not the taste.

Its contents

2 to 3 small sweets

3 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoon cooked fresh lump

1 teaspoon of fresh chocolate

1/2 teaspoon tea

½ to 5 cups

5 sage leaves, fried


  • Your heat for up to 425 degrees F. Squeeze a small pool, half length, and cut into slices and cover the cover with a slip paper with a scrapy paper. Bake until soft sheets, 25 to 40 minutes, depending on your squash size. Remove from the oven, remove the seeds, and then attach the box to the left.
  • Even though the leaf is baking, put the butter in warm humidity. Allow the butter to melt and continue to pour the milk when the butter rises. When greasing the leaves of the lower bottom of the pan, remove the heat and stir the gum and sage. Try to cook for a few minutes and then squeeze a bowl of squash. Combine salt into a mixer.
  • Transfer the milk squash back to the squash shaft. Dispose of the animal control and return it to the oven in the oven. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, just enough to bake on top. Remove the oven and rush it.


Tips & Instruments: To fro the ball, shrink a small amount of oil. Add to the cook and cook until the baby changes color, turn it one at a time. Remove technique and cool / frozen.

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