Turkish Apple Burgers – A simple island

Turkish Apple Burgers – A simple island

Turkey Turki Apple Burgers with a turkey, leaf, and dense apple is a great virgin in a full and healthy turkey full of flavors.



12g FAT

22g SAFE


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Apple Burgers Turkey is a healthy and easy way to bring all the taste in the fall of a fast and convenient dinner to taste. There are no translations of turkey around here.

With the full moon and Thanksgiving in the shape, I have a turkey turkey. But busy hours and busy schedules, most Turkish cuisines go out of the water. That is, except the turquoise turkey, which is clean in our home. Usually when I do a burger translate, I can get the pizza directly to add it to taste but at this time I wanted to do something different than I decided to experiment with apple, which was the best way to add moisture and the taste. Combined with a new type of salt, salt, pepper, tulle powder, and onion powder – is a very good taste, called "Burger Inspiration".

Now we are talking about the leadership because the hunter calls for some of the amazing management. Let's start with the cheese. We advise you to follow a classic cheddar or bird, both of which are great for apple. After reaching some of the treasures of the whole fruit and touching both soups or chutney soups. Good. The whole surface is covered with some fresh spinach, red chopped onions, and apple fractions for a blanket blanket.

This brochure has been cooled so I would recommend doing some refrigeration to keep the refrigerator fast and in the future. To reinforce the rollers, do not attach a wrap or tape to a plastic wrapper so that it does not fall and put on a thin plastic bag. To shop in cooked stores, let them cool well. When cooled, place a baking sheet or dish and place it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Then you can add it to the label & # 39; ziploc & # 39; and wrap it in person or paper towel between each of the cards. Cooked dishes can be melted to 1-2 minutes.

Apple Burger with turkey slices of soft and fried slices.

Tips for Making Apple Burgers:

  • Since I have a Turkish turkey, it has been the natural choice of this ice cream. However you can also use poultry, lean pork, or bone meat. The turkey turkey in the ground also has a taste in this formula, just cut it on the plants.
  • If you can, I suggest you to wrap it into the apple. It takes extra minutes but will make sure you get the apple flavor of any bite that helps to add moisture to get the whole ice.
  • If you like the combination of apple and sweets, you can put in a few wet swimwear. Usually instead of adding them to the milk, I would like to raise the hamburger by the cookie or chutney.
  • Sage can be strong seedlings so if you want a mild taste, use basil or oregano. Rosemary also works as well as can be tough.

Looking for a lot of healthy food?

Here are some of the products and materials I have used for this moisture:

  • This is the box I have and I like since it has a small container to capture and store everything you are tired. It is not necessary, but it is one of the things I have come to thank with since it's not very simple.
  • I would like to cook the books tube metal tube to escape and caramelize some abroad. I have one year and I really like it.