Turkey's Eighth Day Support for Turkish Day

Turkey's Eighth Day Support for Turkish Day

Lunch breaks, such as Thanksgiving, may feel like a good time in your life. But they should not be! There are many healthy and healthy products in the Thanksgiving dishes that are also very poor. Even you do not even feel you are missing anyway.

We have recently introduced the 21 Diet Medical Certification Lists, but this is not the end of the opportunities. Salt diets have the opportunity to show your creativity to enhance the original taste of the tastes, and we have been to make sure that these are followed by weight loss!

Here are the 15 extra Thanksgiving to cook and serve your daily dessert in Turkey:

1. Salt Oil Salt with Apple Vinaigrette

Salt salts salad

From dense apple, leaves of spinach leaves and even a delicate breakfast, a salad of salad and tasted with a lot of flavors will satisfy you completely. Another big part of this prayer? It is also healthy. With many apple and apple-pie apple juice, it feeds into a good nutrition and is suited to adding sweet foods.

2. Rosemary Root Bread and Carrots

carrots and beets

They do not come out of the gray cheese more than science. This article, combines loose beads and carrots with red pink pink, a new rosemary can really make ante when it comes to taste. With the right healthy diet, you will get a great help on vitamin C all over the blast tastes.

3. Green Vegetable Farole

Fresh salad salad with roasted salad

Except for carrots and beets, this salad adds two additional types of sproutsels sprouts and other, both of which are a large amount of fiber and can help digest the metabolism. , compared to the hotel's clean rooms, this vegetable dish makes it a noble and noble group.

4. Meat and Iron Bean Made


Pass the white stripes or biscuits and instead choose a sweater ball & # 39; raisin soot & # 39; grow like your bread. Things that are made from healthy subjects such as wheat, unsweetened bushes, unpasteurized apple, and of course, carrots and raisins, these bake is baked and you can feel it!

5. Black Bean Quinoa Pumpkin Soup Company

brown bee broth

There is no such thing as the skin's skin rash to fill up and leave feeling you are satisfied – the broth does not disappoint. With healthy and filling ingredients like pumpkin, carrots, quinoa, black and white beans, this coffee is a great place to eat your meals. If you fill in a healthy diet, you will be less likely to reach other healthier areas.

6. Green Green Growth

Sweet-sweet-sweet cake

With the sweet and sweet potato of the heart, you are making a nutritious choice by starting your food in the cold. It was wrapped in taste without the tonnes of fat and calories. And because the potatoes and sweet potatoes offer high levels of vitamins and minerals, you may feel good to get a lot of nutritious meals.

7. Italian Chicken Cheese and Veggie Wet>


This broth combines a sponge called Italian and a new chicken breast for a healthy dish that is the best way to eat your Thanksgiving food. With carrots, ice bags, cars, and so forth, pick up the skin of the broth, and fill the nutrient well before you have a chance to eat. And because it is very flavorful and delicious, I will not feel at least frozen by filling the broth.

8. Fryer Air Chry Chips>


In addition to the pumpkin, nothing "fall" as apple dishes. Of course, many apples are prepared to make the most of their health benefits for a lot of sugar. But it is not cooking! The only ingredients in the right side are apples, cinnamon and plants. When they dry and break through the air, this frog is flavoring like sweets – but without any breaks.

9. Balsamic Balsamic Bassamic and Brasil Brush

baked minerals and flour

Figs, which are rich in fiber and good sources of essential minerals, have not always received the credit they deserve. Their taste looks delicious and adds to the taste of balsamic vegetable, oily oil, and sprouts sprouts in this flavor. With the Brussels sprouts rich in a variety of nutrients, this dish is doubtless with the nutritional power.

10. Pumice Cranberry


Another great tool to use in the ordinary basket of breads is the cleaning of home-made garbage for easy cooking and flavors. Use all tampons, along with pure pumpkin and dried tomatoes, these to a great change in the white or biscuits.

11. Sweet Purple Fish


Cooked potatoes are usually a grateful thanks. But when it comes to butter and milk all the way – they are usually – without being properly healthy. However, potato beetroats, however, was made using a Nutrisystem Loaded Potatoes and white egg-as well as the added taste of baby's spices, chives, garlic and pepper. Although they are missing all the extra calories and bird fats, it does not have any flavors.

12. Pumpkin Machine Machine>

pumpkin broth

The leafy food is "Thanksgiving", but many traditional cuisines have many different health effects. This is not a simple questionnaire that uses a healthy base, low milk calcium and milk without the delicious pumpkin pumpkin and a variety of seasonings. It is a crushed soup and will leave you feeling full of satisfaction.

13. Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

cinnamon skin

Soft soft muffins contain apples such as apple, cinnamon and gooseberry. It would have been a good thing called & # 39; basket of basket & # 39; Even you can choose to choose one of the best muffins in place of the cuttings of pie at sweets.

14. Savory Music Movement

Irrigation drugs

If you are looking for a full and easy to do, look no further than muffins with dense vegetables. Filled with baby pies, tomatoes, and onions, and the taste of Italian flavors, these greenhouses bring the tone of flavor. They would have set a full and complete medical team in Turkey.

15. Green Green Rebuild

recovering the cucumber leaf

Try to try something different from the other looga suspected Thanksgiving? Recycling cucumbers are much easier to produce than 17 grams of protein and only 150 calories, and they will not damage your diet. These versions are doing a good meal to start with your Thanksgiving food. When you fill in healthy options, leave a small pet food room.