Top Transformations in 2018 – Articles

Top Transformations in 2018 – Articles

As 2018 approaches it is a perfect time to remember every successful goal, the bad habits left and every life that has been changed for the better.

While every 60days have produced many stories, we want to share some of the major changes this year:


Summer 60day

"The remainder continued until the end of the 60day day, and I cut half of the bone in half, which I could only imagine in just 60 days, and I lost about 15 pounds, the body that I have now, I dreamed only can find years of death and work. "

Read the article Tierre here.


Fall 60day

"The 60th goal was simple: having a regular diet and diet on the road. Before facing my challenges, I was forced to retire from one day to the next and I think I know why. Tell me I'm the result of 2 kids being up to 40. Well, right? Nope. Within 2 weeks I started this challenge to understand how wrong I was, and my lifestyle was a problem. "

Read the full story of Kelly here.


Summer 60day

"It requires a training instructor, with a teacher who knows how to work together with health problems. In the meantime, my health issues are an excuse for not achieving my goals. I am 62 years old. The starting point is 319 pounds, and I think I have "bad knees." Ceddy, a coaching director of the Administration College, listened but forced me to overcome these excuses. "

Read the story of Sam here.


Summer 60day

"I know that I need to balance everything I have if I am most of the same changes in life. I'm involved in the struggle before I get left half of it by using any fraud in my job as a Another way to go back to the old fashion is not the goal but the transformation, the transformation, and the transformation of my life eventually create a wonderful lifestyle. "

Read the full story of Breanna here.


Fall 60day

"I've been in the TIME World, and the world has shocked as never before. TIME TIME has changed as a living, and what has happened is what I never saw coming. "Suddenly I had a teacher named Ro at the Cypress field, and I recently came up with a full-time quote to be the best thing."

Read the story of Paul here.


Fall 60day

"I lost my family and myself, and I know if I do not change I will lose both. I need to believe myself and get better under control because of the right reasons at this time."

Read the full story of Jasmine here.

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