Tomato Soup & # 39; Curry Curry Chickpea Stew & # 39;

Tomato Soup & # 39; Curry Curry Chickpea Stew & # 39;

Tomato Coconut Beans & # 39; Tomato Coconut Cury Chickpea Stew & # 39; it is the best to enjoy Indian cuisine with grilled coconut sauce, chicken, potatoes, and spinach. Skip the food blog keyboard_arrow_down


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When it comes to food comfort, the Curry Chickpea Stew is high on the menu, and the curry warms you on the inside. Plus they are easy to make, full of spices, and eat the green flavors that everyone will enjoy.

I am eating pretty much everything that involves curry and coconut so when I see I am cooking in a Saucy kitchen, I can't wait to try it. The taste reminds me of Tikka Masala in Hindi with tomato, curry powder, and coconut milk but in a lightly bubble shape with beans, spinach, and coffee. Not only is it delicious in itself, but also great for rice, quinoa, or couscous. The allowance significantly reduces the remaining balance.

As we continue to cook for our brushes, this is one of those recipes that should be high on the list. Not only does it depend on canned foods such as chicken, coconut milk, and crushed tomatoes – it is also great and you can substitute vegetables in your hand, try different beans, and try adding protein such as chicken. or deception. In fact, this week when I made a big batch, I ate my non-vegetarian meat but added a large portion of the chicken to the rest of the family.

Curry beans with tomato, spinach, and chicken in a pan with cilantro.

How to serve Cury Chickpea Stew?

Stew can be eaten alone but you can also be creative and serve it in a variety of ways. This is good for leftovers as well as creating several different foods on one plate.

  • Serve this beans with rice, quinoa, curro, or couscous.
  • For a simpler option, serve this with a bed of cooked rice or squash.
  • Consider serving this with some sliced ​​bread called & # 39; Nan bread & # 39; aside to soak up the whole spice.
  • Use handmade tomato sauce for egg yolk to make an Indian variation on shakshuka.
  • Add cooked chicken or fried to a plate.

Features of Recipe, Sanop Pantry, and Ideas

  • This recipe works with any type of potato and is great for sweet potatoes as they add a nice layer of sweetness to balance the taste. You can also use squash butternut.
  • Use any herbs you like for this stew. Try the other green, cream, or combination. Frozen spinach will also work. If you do not have any traditional greenery, cabbage will also work.
  • Try using a variety of vegetables. Consider having sliced ​​cabbage, zucchini, summer squash, carrots, celery, or whatever you have on hand.
  • If you do not have curry powder at home, you can do this with homemade powder. There are some recipes below.
  • Any kind of canned tomatoes can be used in this dish, something will change in the form of herbs. Dried tomatoes will give you a soup sauce that includes tomato slices and crushed tomatoes, which are easy to get around. You can also quickly mix and melt or whole tomatoes.

How to make curry powder at home?

There are many different ways to make curry powder but the cooking below holds really a warm spice for Indian cooking. With that said, curry powder takes a lot of spice so that many people prefer to buy a ready-made version.

  • 2 tbsp ground cream
  • 2 tbsp earthquake
  • 1.5 tbsp turmeric to the ground
  • 2 tsp on the ground
  • 1 tsp mustard dry
  • 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground cardamom
  • 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (adjust to light or spicy taste)

Can I use & # 39; Curry Curry & # 39;?

This recipe will work with Thai curry red or green but will totally change the taste. Thai curry looks much better than Indian fruit and doesn't have the same warm spices as cinnamon and cinnamon.

Pumpkin tomato puree beans with spinach, potatoes, and cauliflower in a bowl.

How to Cool Chickpea Curry Stew?

Begin by allowing the stew to cool completely. It can then be cooled to a large batch or a special serving. We were busy with soup cubes freezing individual portions of soup and rats.

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