Together in the Healthy Living Challenge

Together in the Healthy Living Challenge

As we learn about social disturbances and adjust to the new normal which we have spent a lot of time at home, we must also consider the impact this can have on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While it can be a struggle to stick to your diet plan while stuck at home, it is not impossible – and that is why we are here to contribute to Healthy Living Challenges.

In the midst of our challenges, we will offer you a simple, healthy activity to complete on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Where do I find healthy activities? Our nutrition experts are jumping Facebook Live> Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to make your day to work with us as we all promise to finish ourselves and make a healthy living each week.

Just because we are all at home does not mean we can stay or be healthy. We must change our outlook and find ways to adapt to our new health habits as usual!

So make sure you head for it Facebook channel> to watch our nutrition experts weigh in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Did you miss you in the morning? You can easily check out one of the videos called & # 39; In It Together Together for Healthy Living in our Facebook feed. You can also check out the same here, The Leaf, as we continue to update this article to the new challenge.

Monday, April 6th: Share your favorite motivational quotes in the comments Video>

Let's use April to stay healthy as we travel through this time of day!

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