Tips for best sleep – Articles

Tips for best sleep – Articles

Of all the responsibilities we have in one day, sleep is the first thing we place on the chip. His concern is that when the first thing we want to leave is one of the things we can do for our body. Getting good enough is not possible every night, but if it is gone for a long time, unhealthy delay can go into emergency problems over time.

Science is already asleep

When we are asleep, there are 5 steps that are different from us. During the night, sleep is sliding deeper into the REM and returns, with each motion for about 90 minutes. During the night, when it is used in deep sleep remains and when REM sleeps have increased, so third-quarter drops the deepest sleep and the third part contains most REM sleeps.

Part 1: The first grade is when we go in a deep sleep and muscle work begins to start.

Part 2: During this time, the brain's brain continues to decrease, decrease the heart, and the body's body is getting ready to get into the deep sleep.

Part 3: This is the starting point of deep sleep, known as the delta delta, and that is when our brain decreases significantly. This step is jumping as it is when the body begins to release high hormone to help repair the body.

Step 4: At the 4th step of the deep sleep, the brain is moving to provide the delta deluxe camel when the muscle work ends. At this stage it is difficult to awaken a person.

Part 5 (Sleepless): During the REM sleep, the brain has grown rapidly, the growth rate of life increases and there is more dependence on the dietary system. The mental brain works well, contributing to the "eye-catching eye" that reflects the degree and dream that most people face during this time.

All sleeps have, however, much sleep and quality are important. Sleepy diet proves that the body has enough time to change by sleep sleep at least 2-3 times a day, while sleep sleep is important because it allows the move through sleep levels and the physical benefits of the body the thought of any step asleep.

Why can not we sleep?

While there are potential effects on a good sleep pattern, often comes down to your lifestyle and nature. All of the things that are done, these habits or articles can easily be realized, ignored or simply can not be avoided because of the responsibility of life. Everyone is important in their way, but I come to look after some people when it comes to what goes beyond human challenges with sleep.

Disruption and spreading sadness: maybe he will live with "I will sleep when I die," this person may argue that there are enough hours a day to get things. While doing so is not good, if taken far away, this lifestyle can not continue to behave well.

Destruction on night night: We all know the one and we can do with one another. This active body learns and becomes aware of survival at noon or sleepless nights. Although caffeine is a source of concern for insomnia and insomnia, a person who works night and day can lead to sleep loss.

Example of typing or error: Sometimes it is a mistake for one night, the sleep of the person is as different as they are. Usually leaving without meeting, getting a breakthrough time is not bigger on the list of things that are right. One evening they can fly through the media or watch the movie before they go to bed at 1am, while the next day can snooze at 9am.

Regular care: The list of events has not been completed as soon as you can finish working, worrying about what's going on: moving children around, eating dinner, infant feeding and child abuse. It's not until evening that you can spend one minute for yourself, and if you're looking for a good time with your spouse or partner, this time will be cut into sleep.

Why sleep sleep is worried

If wakefulness is outside, pay only will be sleeping. By sleep, our body has the ability to cure and regulate its inner organs so that we can work well. When we do not have this time, our body is missing on important windows of time when it can resemble, standard toxins and remodeling hormones.

Logic functions and memory

Sleeplessness gives us peace of mind, mental alertness, long-term memory and ability to learn. Neurocognitive activities, such as small memory memory and great jobs that require us to take care of many things now, become more sensitive when we are experiencing sleep loss. The study continued to show that if we missed a nightmare and go to the back of the car, it looks like a man who is shooting.

When it comes to our condition and happiness, some scientists think that sleep is re-utilizing such substances as dopamine, which contributes to essential brain functions. When we stop sleeping, corruption has become defective and we can become weak, impatient and thoughtful and worse for bad weather. Additionally, sleep is important time for our brain to remove dangerous acne that they are building while we are awake. During the dry season the drug fluid increases and allows access to less expensive equipment. These data include chemical proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease, and without sufficient time to remove these toxins during sleep, they can build time and increase the chances of Alzheimer's disease .

Search Methods

During sleep we provide new tools that help to stimulate hormone. Without adequate sleep, hormones can be disgusting and will cause increased, increased stress, strength of mind, blood problems and other health problems.

Ghrelin and Leptin: hunger and diabetes
There is an important relationship between sleeplessness and appetite. Recent study have shown that "diet controlled by cancer," diarrhea and leptin, are a factor in overtime. Leptin is a hormone that displays messages or "I full" message to our brain, while Ghrelin is "starving starvation" that shows us that we are hungry.

Melatonin: natural hormone
Much of the product is the solution or the melatonin, but most of its control is our light for the light of the sun after sunset. The timely methods prevent a small amount of melatonin, which affects the ability to sleep well and can contribute to insulin and blood transfusions.

Insulin: the hormone to help adjust blood sugar
Lack of adequate sleep, as well as some of the nights it is found to have a very positive effect on the body for controlling blood vessels, which can result in insulin resistance. This resistance to development is a leading cause of diseases such as prediabetes, such as 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary, diabetes, and other conditions.

Cortisol: anxiety hormone
Our bodies are well suited with the help of cortisol hormone. While the weather of cortisol is bigger in the morning, it's slowly going at or in the day, it's getting up at night to help us get a good sleep. For those sleeping, the cortisol levels have grown up during the night and have intercourse with sleep. After sleeplessness, this increase in cortisol can cause an increase in the stomach depression, which is concerned about the health of the body with inflammation and obesity.

Unique design

During sleep, our immune system continues to be preserved. In fact, the sleep of our body produces cytokines, which is a cellular that helps prevent antibiotics. In addition, it is sleepy when high-speed human growth (HGH) is produced to help improve our body and footwear.

However, when we commit ourselves to sleep, the result can be expanded by cold or flu. Studies relate to sleeplessness in addition to heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer. Additionally, meeting sleep dates include the risk of diabetes and diabetes and diabetes, when combined with hormone risk and cancer development.

What are some ways to improve the quality of sleep?

Knowing long-term peace and tranquility, the need for deliberate care comes when it comes to sleep and mind. Instead of doing so much more than just as it does, no matter how important the investment is to you and your health and wellbeing.

While life can not delay anyone to sleep, there are still easy ways in or in a day when you can improve your sleep habits and set yourself up for success:

During the day:

  • Take your security.
  • Exercise: Motivation to help control stress and increase hormonal growth
  • Dietary food and instead of focusing on fibrous cells, healthy chemotherapy
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Get some day


  • Take your straps. garden
  • Avoid their places, on tea instead of tea
  • Add light light, especially in place & # 39; or two before bed
  • Gradually and calmly, take bath, newspaper or thought
  • Set the alarm so you can follow your daily routine

Make your sleeping room a bed:

  • Increase the temperature
  • Stop the lights to ensure a dark room

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