Three small ways to wash your face in a healthy life

Three small ways to wash your face in a healthy life

1, scientifically

health Three small ways to wash your face and skin

After getting up every morning, we’d better wash a cold face, not only to wash away the dust that sticks to our face during sleep, but also Can improve our mental state of the day. For some girls who wear makeup every day, the first thing after work every night, it is best to wash your face and wash away the makeup and dirt that faded from your face.

The water temperature of cleansing is preferably around 30 °C. Not too hot water, hot air will absorb too much oil in the skin, make the skin dry, destroy the original elasticity and luster, easy to wrinkle; not too cold water, cold water can clean the surface dirt, However, it is impossible to clean the dirt and excess oil in the pores. Washing your face with warm water at around 30 °C can open your pores, cleanse thoroughly, and cause no damage to your skin.

2, salt detoxification of the skin

The anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect of salt is well known, in fact, its detoxification effect is also very unique. If you are

Three small healthy face washes Method

, try mixing a small spoonful of salt with honey, apply it on your face and gently massage for 5 minutes, then rinse off with water. Salt has a deep cleansing effect on the pores of the skin, while honey water can replenish the skin in a timely manner, once every morning and evening, to help remove skin toxins.

3, twice mild

Three small ways to wash your skin in a healthy life

Office MMs don’t see too much sunshine every day, their skin is mostly thin and fair, right The light resistance is weaker, it is easier to burn than the average person, and it is more important to pay attention to sun protection work. Products with an excessively high SPF will cause discomfort to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to apply proper mild sunscreen every morning and evening. Although the sun exposure after 3 pm is not so strong, it is still necessary to apply SPF15 sunscreen half an hour before work.