The United States has accepted new drugs in 2 years

The United States has accepted new drugs in 2 years

US health authorities have accepted new drugs over the past few years.

On Wednesday admitted Xofluza to 12-year-olds who had passed since this time of illness.

Xofluza is a bacterium that can minimize the amount of time and lasts only a long time after symptoms. It is founded by Roche Group and Shionogi & Co.

It works as Tamiflu, Roche has a flu virus, which is also available in a series of variants. Tamiflu is taken twice a day for five days.

Health officials say about 80,000 people have died of flu and last year's drought, the number of deaths caused by the virus in at least 40 years. Heavy water requires Tamiflu and creates shortages.

Roente's Route's Genentech Role has launched Xofluza's launch in a few weeks. It will cost $ 150 without insurance.

One single requirement is a productive component since patients are taking care of all their medications, says Dr. Mark Eisner, Genentech, who continues to treat the disease.

Each year, the flu kills about 12,000 to 56,000 and up to 650,000 people worldwide.

"With thousands of people suffering from flu every year, many people are suffering from illnesses, and they have good medicine and good health." These medicines give important importance to treatment, "said Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the Food and Drug Administration Act, in a statement.

In the company's tests of 1,064 people, Xofluza has terminated a tumor, sneezing the fever, or reducing the number of symptoms, within just two days. The comparison company given to Tamiflu was okay. Although Xofluza did not work faster than Tamiflu, it reduces the risk of the virus in the nose and the virus.

More tests have been tested to determine whether Xofluza is more effective than Tamiflu has prevented the spread of the virus to others and to treat patients with serious risk to illness and pneumonia, such as people suffering from diabetes or viruses , children and adults.

"We think this might be important to patients, important to human health," Eisner said.

Influenza effects are mild – diarrhea, stroke, headache and bronchitis – and occur as soon as the researchers study Tamiflu or antibiotic.

Pharmaceuticals are best used if they are taken in at 48 degrees of symptoms, and medical doctors have improved vaccine treatment, preferably by the end of October. Relenza and Pharmaceutical products are available for fluid.

Xofluza, the most renowned Baloxavir, worked on A and B. The first Japanese virus in Japan's Japanese shionogi virus was initially approved. Roche has a chance to sell Xofluza in Japan, Japan and Taiwan.