The Smart Age at the Fingertips – Uncovering the Smart Health Ring

The Smart Age at the Fingertips – Uncovering the Smart Health Ring

Since the craze of wearable devices has started, from Google Glass, countless wearable devices with different uses have emerged in an endless stream. Maybe one day, the picture in the science fiction movie is really no longer a dream.

Intelligent Age on the Fingertips movie “Time Planning Bureau”

Maybe you will also fantasize about such a life – wake up in the morning, you can give a voice command to the virtual smart butler, it will Help you achieve all kinds of ideas. Although the current technology can’t reach this step, it is already in this direction.

Wearables are our first step toward future technology

Wearable health devices “visualize” body signals that are invisible to the naked eye The way it is presented and runs through the daily lives of each of us has revolutionized our way of life. Sports watches and sports bracelets have become the darling of people – they are beautiful, lightweight and portable, and they can meet all the needs of everyday life, everytime, everything.

Intelligent Age on the Fingertips

Sports-loving runners mostly have a sports watch or bracelet, but you can’t think of it, even a small ring can now become a wearable equipment!

Compared with the wrist, the index finger of the human body flows through the aorta, the measurement site is stable, and the physiological structure is simple for analysis. Compared with the current popular smart bracelet, it can solve the difficulty of data collection for long-term wear.

(Most people used to take off their watches while they were sleeping,

But the number of friends who wear the ring for 24 hours is still quite a lot~)

Intelligent Age on the Fingertips - Demystifying the Smart Health Ring

The current mainstream wearable devices focus on sports health, and the positioning of smart health rings is not much different from sports watches or sports bracelets. Of course, its advantages are also obvious – beautiful, light and stylish, suitable for all occasions all the time, my mother no longer have to worry about wearing a flamboyant sports watch in formal occasions.

New product overview

Health smart ring is a new technology in the world, so there are not many cases that can be referenced. I collected two products for everyone as an example.

Oura Ring

fingertips The Intelligent Age - Secret Intelligent Health Ring

Oura Ring

Oura ring is said to be the world’s first smart health ring. It is designed to detect the user’s sleep quality, amount of exercise, and relaxation and rest time, and to provide users with corresponding readings and data by connecting mobile-related apps, so that users can know their index anytime, anywhere. Of course, you don’t have to look at it when you sleep.

Smart Age on the Fingertips


Oura is made of zirconium ceramic. This special material is waterproof, harder than steel, but comfortable to wear. It integrates laboratory-grade sleep monitors, activity trackers and heart rate monitors, as well as medical grade pulse oximeters. The built-in battery is charged for 30 to 60 minutes and can be used for 3 days, while the ring gift box itself is a charger.

Smart Age on the Fingertips


Oura ring configuration storage unit automatically transmits data to the phone when the smartphone is close. The mobile app provides monitoring of day and night readings, including heart rate, brain activity, body temperature, and suggestions on how to improve sleep. To be honest, such a small volume has such a powerful function that some smart watches are not necessarily comparable, and the smart ring can not help but be awe-inspiring.

Acare Ring

fingertips The Smart Age - Secret Smart Health Ring

acare Smart Health Ring


In addition to its compact size and stylish style, acare health smart ring can continuously monitor heart rate, skin electricity, body temperature, body water, blood pressure changes, etc., combined with big data health services to analyze users’ disease risk, fatigue, Emotions, sleep, microcirculation, etc., and give valuable advice to effectively improve the health of users.

Smart Age on the Fingertips


Acare’s designers say they put most of their computing power on the cloud server to minimize the size of the ring. And maximize the role of the ring. The ring can be connected to a smartphone or computer to view heart rate, blood pressure, cardiovascular, sleep, BMI and other indicators. In addition, you can also use the APP to pay attention to sports rankings, deep sleep rankings, wearing time rankings and other community rankings and your friends and relatives around the PK ranking data, exchange health management experience.

Intelligent Age on the Fingertips

It is even more rare that acare is the result of cooperation between domestic manufacturers and jewelry brands. Jewelry cross-border Internet has made such a novel product, which can be regarded as thoroughly Chinese goods. Compared to Google Glass’s $1,500 price, the sterling silver custom acare smart health ring is only a thousand dollars rmb.

Smart Age on the Fingertips

The development of technology has brought us too many surprises

Maybe we have become witnesses of the next era of the times

Wearable device boom will continue

Smart Health Ring Are you ready?


 The intelligent era on the tip - revealing the intelligent health ring

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