The Republicans have agreed that Obama should call for a call

The Republicans have agreed that Obama should call for a call

The Republican lawyer challenged Kwankwaso's request for a federal federal court in Texas on Friday to allow the Democrats to appeal to a legal decision.

In a fast and urgent attempt, Obama and the Republicans reported to the U.S. District Court. Judge Reed Connor of Fort Worth, Texas, that the president should conduct the 5th Supreme Court of the US Court of First Instance.

"The constitution should have forced the federal government to launch a plan to end the final judgment – as the states are planning," Republican said.

The Democrat's lawyer, who entered into the law of defense, was dismissed by the Consulate General and asked Connor to announce his decision on Dec. 14. Connor decided that ACA law violates the US Constitution, and that other laws can not stand without this "weapon".

If the Fifth Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States, has confirmed the decision of Connor and Republicans, states that states will control their own insurance markets.

"When this happens, states can implement policies and policies to achieve what ACA has promised but can not provide it: a medical clinic for all American citizens, "said Republicans.

But the Career Care Act goes beyond investing insurance; The law requires Medicare to move to payment, establish a design plan and increase public health funding # 39; a.

After Connor ruled, the government said the Act of Monitoring was to be a national law while the courts were prosecuting the case. The judge shortly afterwards asked the lawyers in two case-makers for counseling, saying that his sentence was not just a matter of judgment.