The new VA prohibits any other medical practitioner on the matter

The new VA prohibits any other medical practitioner on the matter

Organizations representing senior health services are focusing on legal issues in accordance with law on VA's recommendation on Thursday 430 VA specialists working at any time during their payday job to ensure full time focusing on the care of patients.

Secretary VA, Robert Wilkie, has passed an agreement signed by the Obama administration and will be effective on November 15. That's why an agreement has been made with the US Federal Government, the Government of the United States, the federal Federal Ministry of Justice, the SEIU International and Nurses United Nations Association.

It applies to doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, medical practitioners, and they must work under a specific basis, Title 38 of the US Law Code for Health Services.

On Friday, members of the United Nurses / Nurses Association decided on their position as government leader and swore that they would take court in the court.

"We will go to the court," said Irma Westmoreland, a registered medical practitioner, who worked for VA, almost 30 years since. Since 2010 has been fully involved in the joint venture, representing representatives in 23 VA areas. according to the 12 states.

She said she was one of the four hospital staff, of the 11,000 in the area she represented, who worked at the same time on the responsibility of cooperation. Many doctors share the required time for operational activities, Westmoreland added: 430 people in the decision-making position decided to spend as much as one week a week on the team's work.

She also acknowledged that the House of Representatives authorized the VA secretary, and was not sentenced or called on steps to resolve such a decision before the court.

"This shows why laws and Senate rules to assist VA must be abolished, because everyone in the position can make a bad decision," she said. "They abuse their power all the time, and you have to make sure they have broken their border."

In this case, he felt that the movements could be made by the movements that Wilkie expelled.

Curt Cashour, VA spokesman, states that federal legislation has provided 38 health care services using time "when it has a positive effect on the patients." He added in an email that "there are some measures that are prohibited from collective cooperation for 38 volunteers, including health care and medical care. "

"As described in the VA statement for those who do 38, they can not use time as they are being treated badly," said Cashour. "The federal agencies are allowed to refuse a treaty agreement or to provide for the protection of the law."

The statement on Thursday and the case after a few months of serious blood pollution between VA and the parties after President Donald Trump ordered May 25 to reduce the number of federal employees when they paid the salary a responsibility of a team to 25%.

The law, which called for VA employees, including nurses 74, complained against the Federal Federal Federal Congress of the Federal Republic of the United States in the United States High Court in Columbia.

Judge Jackson Jackson in the ruling court has misled this process.

"Regarding the competence of the Citizens' organizations, while the past and the right of the law indicate that the president has the power to provide the constitutional laws governing the relationship between federal and federal, it is not clear that there is no such this order does not work to allow trade to be dealt with as seen in the FSLMRS (Federal Constitutional Code), "said Jackson in a decision on Aug. 25. "In this court, what has been challenged by the lawsuit has resulted in a rising effect."

Cashour said that the new VA program "has nothing to do with any administrative mandate."

Interview with VA's payroll employees running on Capitol Hill. VA is only the Federal Ministry operating with 38 healthcare professionals under the VA Labor Relations Act Act 1991. In 2005 they are allowed to begin using time of the government.

The original period of about 32.5 million dollars in the VA salary of 2017, according to information from the Government House's office. This amounts to about 22 million dollars in the year 2016.

Drug from GAO ​​data obtained by modern health in June shows the total number of medical practitioners who worked at different times. The Boston VA Center paid for a total of 100% basic payroll workers from $ 115,000 to $ 138,000, for example.

Westmoreland states that the numbers that the government has reported are misleading because they have introduced a number of work hours and a salary payment for VA patients who are currently involved in a period of time to show how many federal funds are. with permission.

"What they forget is that the Assembly says it's a matter of paying taxpayers to work on government time, because it protects us from communication and helps us deal with problems quickly," he said. she said.

She said that whether she was in the care of her own or as a representative of the delegation she was working for the elderly and said that health services were aimed at travel, especially since many of them were still in the habit. VA patients work during federal payday work.

"Nurses stand up for patients, and I need to wait for those nurses if they feel they are worried about the problem, or about the victims being mistreated, they must be reported – they need someone stand for them. "

In Congress, Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas) issued a bill that would develop in law by the proper constitution of the Constitutional Court-the violation of the Trumpet Law. With democracy governing the home in January, the law can hardly continue.

Senate Ted Cruz (R-Texas) presented a letter in the Senate.

The current committee of the current Chamber of Commerce Committee, Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) Supports the new step, the committee said.

"Roe and No. 1 is the fact that the former military forces are taking proper care and support," the assistant said. "It is important that the payment subscriber account is missing, and doctors, doctors, and other VA practitioners are doing the work they have been hired to be a senior military force that can take time and good care."

Westmoreland has already prepared preparations to retire to the hospital on November 15 at her VA home in Augusta, Ga. But when she was taken to the court, she said she would continue to represent the nurses in the area.

"I'll do it over my time," she said. "I will do it before work, after work, and during lunch."