The judge issued 340B cases

The judge issued 340B cases

A federal judge in Washington on Thursday issued a HHS program on hospitals; And it can affect the future of a drug drug pricing plan.

U.S. District Court Rudolph Contreras argues that the CMS and the HHS Secretary have exceeded their ability to allocate 340B grants to the 2018 payment by changing the procedures. While the drug drug used for commercial sales was 6%, the 2018 government changed its sales to sales prices below 22%, saying that it was preferable to the price stuff.

This reduces the cost of nearly 30 percent and reduces US $ 1.6 billion, according to hospitals. Contreras said it was not beyond the agency's permission to change the program.

"While the secretary was given the opportunity to make adjustments to these funds for any reason he thought fit, & # 39; he could do everything he could, & # 39 "said the lawyer." It can not re-implement the constitutional system – by using a variety of methods than required. "

Although hospitals require Contreras to order a payment fee,

a]In accordance with the 2017 Constitution of the OPPS, the judges sought further information before ordering HHS to change its policies. The OPP's 2019 Constitution highlighted the problem of 340B, and the law was to be a neutral budget. Changing the 340B pathway may require the use of drugs in Medicare.

"Vacatur and the help of subscribers need to be disrupted," Contreras said.

In a joint statement,

a US Centers for Disease Control, US Centers for Business and US Centers for Hospitality, said the judge's decision was "not drunk".

"The court has decided to authorize hospitals and health care plans in a 340B drug pricing scheme to assist patients with illnesses and abnormalities without being subjected to disability. They are not about the program, "the organizations said.

But not all hospitals are about the decision. Chip Kahn, president of the US National Hospital, called the "lack of pity" for preventing 340B reforms.

"Current HHS methods will reduce drug costs for patients, and benefit from most hospitals, including 80% of rural areas," he said in a statement. "This ruling puts all these numbers in danger."

Also, AIKA has challenged the final CMS final, which has made the payment system unfair, which has reduced Medicare funding for medical witnesses to address medical expenses. Depending on the budget, the reimbursement of hospitals will drop about 380 million dollars in 2018, according to CMS.