The judge asked the advocates to release the short-term constitutional challenge

The judge asked the advocates to release the short-term constitutional challenge

A federal judge in Washington on Friday urged a group of advocates to halt the challenge of blocking the short-term constitution until they could prove that a secure business was.

Judge Richard Leon has accused the lawyer of a non-profit organization and the United States as well as other observers who were trying to "jump the line" to prosecute the Supreme Court of the United States. they can not show the bad symptoms. The law, which began working earlier this month. He also said that advocates could confirm the overthrow of the market, even after the initial registration of the people within a period of 12 months.

"It's a wonderful help you are looking for," Leon told reporters of ACAP, Charles Rothfeld, as he urged his supporters to prosecute the government when they confirmed that the party was eating food. within them. "What you have is the best idea of ​​people working for your friends."

Insurers, led by the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (ACAP), provide access to ACA on one market exchange. ACAP said observers expect money to cost N50 million to 100 million dollars and loss of at least 10,000 enrollees, claiming to be a kidnapper.

But Leon dismissed this argument as speculation. He also denied allegations that recent short-term plans violated ACA law, noting that the Obama administration did not stop for a long period of time, up to three months, from 12 months, until the "break" of 2016 after the election when officials know that the government and the various laws about the law will continue.

He said the history of Obama's history has now provided details to show that the ACA plan could not call for a high level of young people and patients, and if the short-term plan reduces the burden of those who carry the burden of the alarm right now. government rule can reinforce global vision.

"They want me to find a ball room here," the prosecutor said to lawyer Serena Orloff in an exchange. "I do not have a crystal crystal, how can I know if this will harm the insurance market?"

He also noted in a sense that the attempt to block the law now "has a protection against the interests of investors in the ACA."

The United States International Technical Association for the International Mortality Association is one of the seven. Patient advocacy organizations believe that the government will lead to increased revenue for people who are already in need of a full benefit of Obamacare.

Leon emphasized that he believed that young people and doctors had already abducted ACA, and that this change was more important than the United Nations's 2016 victory.

"Why ACA fails, is it okay, because the young and the disabled are not involved?" he said.

The short-term constitution, which ended in August, began operation on October 2 and became a political weapon in states and Congress, where democratically elected Senate leaders led. Tammy Baldwin (Wis.) He forced dog and cast a dog # 39; a. constitution. The size is not complete, with the cast and # 39;

ACA supporters combine the government, which allows for 12 months of coverage through time and renewal program up to 36 months, as a renewal from Obamacare markets since expected to be young and healthy more than those who have a tendency to keep track of what is confirmed in the exchange.

Timeframes, specifications of time limitations must not cover people with previous circumstances or charge them for years, health and gender status, without boundaries. They do not have the ability to take 10 ACA signs, including mental health, care and maturity.

Leon told his audience that he could not afford to write before the registry was opened, especially in terms of the size and importance of the decision, and the national impact.

He added that his decision would lead to claims, and sellers would not decide when they would have a difference in the year 2019.

"This is not appropriate," Rothfeld said. "You've got to do it, and do it," advises.