The health analysis master came to Suzhou, about?

The health analysis master came to Suzhou, about?

What is the greatest wealth in life? Many people will think of money, wealthy enemy assets. In fact, the answer is wrong, and the wealth of life is healthy. This is the fact that this era cannot be changed. The founder of Apple, Mr. Jobs, gave us a distinct lesson.

Health Analysis Master Comes to Suzhou , about?

Teach you how to manage your health;

Health for everyone Said, it is very important, health is not the first is the only! Health is the greatest asset, and no health is equal to zero. OMHealth Management is only for health.

Health Analysis Master came to Suzhou, about? ?

Health management is still a new concept in China, and the public’s awareness is not high. For example, some people can spend tens of thousands of yuan a year on smoking, and spending a few hundred dollars to do a health check for thousands of dollars to implement health management is “too expensive” in their view. Once they are sick, they can only spend huge sums of money to seek Experts are famous doctors, and the fact is that early prevention of health management can make them spend less on this.

Health management aims to prevent and control the occurrence and development of diseases, reduce medical expenses, and improve the quality of life. It aims at health education for individuals and groups, improves self-management awareness and level, and is related to their lifestyle. Health risk factors, processes and methods for continuous improvement through health information collection, health testing, health assessment, personalized tracking management programs, and health interventions.

Second,OMHealth Management Co., Ltd. Corporate Philosophy

1, we are healthy Leaders;

2, we are health transmitters;

3, we are health guarantors:

4, we are the guardians of health .

Health Analysis Master came to Suzhou, about? ?

Three,OMHealth Management Ltd. Service Content

1, we provide advanced intelligent health assessment for high-end individuals and well-known enterprises, design personalized health management solutions, and establish a comprehensive electronic, networked health file and IoT health detection platform;

2. Tailor-made annual medical check-up packages for corporate companies, select the most appropriate physical examination center, and strive for the highest discount;

3. Equipped with private doctors and corporate health consultants, develop reasonable nutrition exercise plans, provide Medical treatment accompanying treatment guidance;

4. Equipped with green channel, arranged for expert trains, including more than 30 well-known hospitals such as Beijing and Shanghai;

5. Solving the asymmetry of doctors and patients Provide personalized services such as hospitalization coordination and secondary consultation with humanized and private services;

6. Passing advanced intelligent health assessment and finger medicine Health testing, rapid understanding of regular physical condition detection, discovery of sub-health and timely intervention and improvement;

7, providing overseas (US, Japan, Switzerland and other countries) physical examination, medical treatment, recuperation and other quality services to achieve health Harmony with nature;

8. Provide free exercise classes, including personal fitness trainers, yoga classes, swimming courses, etc., to prevent problems;

9, provide Chinese medicine treatment, experts free pulse , massage, bone, moxibustion, etc. Corresponding to the solar terms, physical fitness, conditioning the body;

10, with full-time medical legal counsel.

Through our effective, reasonable, scientific and caring medical and health related services, we will provide our guests with a high quality and healthy life, and enjoy 24-hour round-the-clock, intimate and comprehensive health management services.

Health Analysis Master came to Suzhou, about? ?

Four,OMHealth Management Future Prospects

Our goal is to set up a health management chain in dozens of large and medium-sized cities in China, to provide the most advanced, professional, normative and efficient health management for the middle and high-end people in China. The health management chain is the most professional and standardized health management in the country, so that the people can enjoy the health benefits brought by health management, and determined to become the largest health management group with the most complete system and the most chain organizations in the country.

Health Analysis Master came to Suzhou, about? ?

5,OMWhat services have been provided by Health Management and what services have been provided to them? ?

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 The health analysis master came to Suzhou, about?