The Greatest Keto Diet Miscakes – Healthy

The Greatest Keto Diet Miscakes – Healthy

Ask any diet feeder and they will tell you that the main product of the product produces real results: Many people who follow the set limits are not burdensome, and no like other foods they did, they were hungry or lost.

But eating a diet has its own characteristics. For initiators, all of it depends on a metabolic system called ketosis, where the body is forced to burn fat rather than fatal to energy. It is not easy to get body to ketosis, says Melissa Bailey, RD, a medical clinic at the University of Columbia University, or has been there for a long time.

"Even at the clinic under major programs, when we send patients to ketosis for health reasons, it may be difficult to do," Bailey said. "About you, it's almost impossible to do that."

Doctors not only say that they can be difficult. Online forums and blogs are full of stories of newbie misconceptions and misconceptions, as well. Here are some of the most important people who want to do that-and the biggest problem of health experts.

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Eating a lot of food

The daily diet provides people with up to 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day and encourages the increase of fat that can be stored for calories disappear. It's already over most foodstuffs to eat good food, Bailey said-but it's important about when people choose most of the fat to fill this gap.

"I know people are getting rid of it, and often I think there are so many pigs in their days, or most of the meat," Bailey said. "And these things are high in sodium and they grow in fat, which can affect your heart condition."

Although the evidence associated with fatty acne is associated with cardiovascular disease, one of the largest and most recent investigations on the subject is to find that people who eat the most fatty fat can produce 18 percent heart disease than those who ate. US Food Consents recommend decreasing fat content over 10% of the daily cost.

"If people want to follow this diet, there's a way to get more food in your diet but they will still choose a good," Bailey said. "But the people are not enough."

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Depression on essential nutrients

Breaking all foods or food groups-such as milk or grain, both have (or near) a diet on vegetarian diet – can result in inequality for other micronutrients, Bailey said. Food is a good source of origin, for example, while food and grain are often added to iron or magnesium.

"When you limit these sources, you will not have the same nutrition as eating meat and meat," Bailey said. "Whenever you remove anything from your diet, I recommend talking to a doctor or a pharmacist about taking extra money in place."

And now, Bailey adds that often often includes glucose or some sugar in the makeup. (Some medical remedies and medicines, too.) "Sometimes, taking drugs or medications can prevent people from achieving ketosis," Bailey said, "which goes back to the point that achieving ketosis is not true. It's not easy or easy. "

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Not drinking

It is important to continue to be on every diet, but eliminating dieters often cite this as the major mistake they made when they started a new program. The largest part of the population that was seen in the early weeks came from heavy water, Bailey said; If this water will not be repeated, it can lead to conspiracy and contribute to the well known disease.

Turn it on on a soft jewel

When commented on Reddit recently asked people to split their branches, many used warnings about maltitol, a designer used in most of the samples. (Small and delicious vegetarian meat is "sweet," said a man, "but the body of a gastrointestinal fluid is invalid.")

It is true that maltitol and other sugar sugar can lead to diseases and disorders, especially when they are consumed extensively. This is why you should choose a diet that is full of food or local food for managing and including food and a list of long-term items, Bailey says, even when you start.

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Use more companies than you think

Breaking on sound sounds is easy: Stop eating and pasta, right? This is a good starting point, but in fact, there are some carbohydrates-including some that are considered as proteins or fats.

"Do they not know milk," a commentator wrote on this Reddit option. "I milk milk like no tomorrow when I have sugar [sic]. "An commentator commented on such a story:" Ditto! How many pages of my site can be in latte without sugar? Small. "

The problem is tightened, says Kristen Kizer, RD, a restaurant in the Houston Methodist Medical Center, which is because there was not enough room for this error. "She uses the pages very easily," she said. "And if you eat meat and you do not know-unless you observe the ketones repeatedly you fall from ketosis and you do not know."

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Long-term health benefits are expected

Dietary diet creates rapid results, Kizer admits: People are growing fast, which is why the plan is very good. However, she noticed that they were almost always trying to switch from the road to another international way and to continue.

Even more concerned, she added, is the fact that people have begun to lose two assets and as well muscle. The hands they found, on the other hand-because of the change in the muscle and the predators-were the most fatty fat.

Bailey admits that the benefits of eating, with short-term loss, are impossible. "We do not have time studies to show what's happening to our whole health," she said, "and we know that if you eat so much, it can be harmful."

That is why Bailey does not propose to reduce the diet due to the loss of weight or health reasons, as well as temporarily. "And if you have a drinking test, ask your doctor or surgeon to help you with a plan that includes good nutrition in health," she said. It is possible for most people to eat unnecessary foods in a safe way, she says, "but she's working and choosing good."

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