The Gilead court has accused rebels of providing equipment to boost sales

The Gilead court has accused rebels of providing equipment to boost sales

The Jurisprudence Institute of Science in Gilead was launched with suspicion that it accused him of paying for medical services, government agencies and other organizations to promote the spread of HIV / AIDS cases.

In an unlawful manner, at the California federal court, Gaddafi Prime Minister spokesman in the US program, who works with other institutions to help prevent HIV and HIV infection, has created billions of US dollars more than government funds.

The United States of America's Sovaldi and Harvoni business by way of payment of a private and private tax payment reached $ 20.6 billion after returning from December 2013 to August 2015, according to the company's report. Pharmaceuticals may cost between $ 80,000 and $ 100,000 for medical treatment and Medicare killed approximately 8.2 billion dollars before the 18 months after the Sovaldi was introduced in December 2013, the Senate's decision in a survey.

According to the suspect, the public prosecutor said that he was licensed by the payment of a paid medical aid by FOCUS, contributed to a survey, paid for the improvement of the providers. medical supplies, pay for or provide extra services to facilitate written terms, submit costume equipment and provide resources for advertising products.

This led to unnecessary tests, especially in Gilead, and increased prices and resulted in profits, said Allen Kuo spokeswoman, who sent the case annually. in 2017. Her husband suspects $ 3.4 billion in damage.

The federal government, 20 states, Washington, D.C. refused to participate. In the United States Department of Justice, which required three parties to determine whether to intervene, they refused to comment.

"I think the government will intervene if they guarantee that there is evidence that Gilead has a billions of corruption bribes to the government," said Mark Silberman, a partner in Benesch. The government will also accept the correct solution, he said.

Medicare's work every year on increasing HIV infection rates increased by six percent from 116.4 million dollars in January 2014 to 793.2 million US dollars in June 2015, the Senate was investigated.

While hepatitis C prices offer more than $ 5, a government official said that even with the funding of drugs ("Texas"), Medicaid and human health programs, # 39; a, "former Assistant Assistant Medicaid / CHIP of Texas Health and Human Services Commission Andy Vasquez wrote in 2015 letter to the Congress.

FOCUS funds are allegedly "colleagues" based on the number of patients treated with care and care. At the end of 2015, FOCUS producers conducted approximately 2 HIV virus and 200,000 hepatitis C, respectively.

The FOCUS suspect has been identified and has paid for some of the salaries of some doctors and # 39; Experts & # 39; who are suspected of attempting to make changes across all of which are designed to support home-based products. He will also contribute to FOCUS, to assess the drug,


HHS required documents on FOCUS in 2017, and Gilead said he accepted "a very important and happy outcome" of HHS research.

Home in 2017 and received a letter from the US Embassy in eastern Pennsylvania for information on "financial support, medical programs and specialized drugs," said the Gaddafi ambassador. The other requirements of other states follow the information about the speakers of Gilied, witnesses, and other business items.

Although some sales sold by the drug have a potential effect on ships from anti-kickback laws, the alleged FOCUS is not protected.

Gilead noted that such a state law was suspended in July 2018.

While drug trafficking is becoming increasingly prone to drug makers, companies can focus on their marketing activities.

"These can be the tips and motives of corporate companies to monitor the use of drugs," said Scarlett Nokes, consulting with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings. However, previous migrants did not make a significant change in changing the cost of drug production, Nokes said.

More than half of the 59 billion dollars in fraudulent villages and the DOJ law taken since 1986 are based on law enforcement and law enforcement laws; bomb blasts, the most important thing is health experts, according to DOJ information. The victims were investing $ 7 billion due to the federal government's revenues, said Joy Joyson-Laws, establishing and interacting with Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman.

Our]These companies can face civilian crimes and crimes against trade practices introduced in recent years, even if they have reached an agreement, she said.

"If there is such a problem for private users to report these fraudulent acts, drug users are concerned," Stephenson-Laws wrote in the email to modern health.

Medical users are controlling the sale of drugs and the demand of sales agents to write their medicine. It looks at the two ends. The current government has suggested that drug vendors include a price list of drugs in their television broadcast.

Clinical centers, for example, set up policies to restrict meetings between advertisers and doctors. Commercial markets and drugs sold to advertised sales increased by more than half from 2006 to 2012 when these policies entered, according to the study published in JAMA.

"I've heard that firms rely on the sale of modern products in hopes of getting medical doctors with patients because they do not have the opportunity to get doctors," Nokes said.