The FDA launched the new office to re-examine the drug study

The FDA launched the new office to re-examine the drug study

FDA will continue to develop a good system, a standardized system, and a system designed for the study of new drugs, the FDA commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, announced Tuesday.

To do this, the company will create a new team, the Bureau of Drug Evaluation, whose 52 members will assess drugs, find out how to use media technology, and monitor how research is being searched.

"This will be a new process while we are promoting the drug drug treatment system," said Gottlieb, speaking to participants at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Gottlieb should appear in the audience at the conference, but because of the lack of employment and services caused by government attacks, it comes from a Washington video conference.

The new team will take the appropriate approach to analyzing data, Gottlieb said. The information they study will come from the cloud, which can make them many and more accessible. The office will begin its work with a clinical study that examines the health of new drugs. It will also evaluate biotechnology, bioinformatics, and tolerant signs.

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The creation of the office is part of the re-engineering of the New Centers Office, which is located at the Center for Drug and Research Studies. Gottlieb hopes to launch a new group over the next few months.

Gottlieb talked about the drug prices and the role the agency played in addressing them. As the manager of the equipment, FDA wants to increase the competition. This includes helping to accept antibiotics, which the FDA has reinforced with "structured systems" in the application, Gottlieb said.

Medical research and competition are not just the areas that the FDA has recently detected. On Monday, the FDA issued a test study and process for the software protection program. The FDA will test how to use anti-virus vaccines to provide digital medical and multi-purpose medical devices.

"We understand that we can not organize them as we design our traditional medical devices," Gottlieb said on modern modes. Some of these products are renewed once a day, he said, calling for a different form.

This study process will help bring the software to patients, according to the Center for Health Care.

FDA also works in the security field of the driver. In April 2018, re-export the Commercial Security Policy & Co., which is relevant to safeguarding the product quality throughout its life.

These changes show how the leadership of FDA moves. The organization aims to facilitate the operation of the process, rapidly accelerating how software, software, and drugs come from continuing to the market.