The Best Keto App Now Free To Download!

The Best Keto App Now Free To Download!

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Hi there, we have some good news for you. We made our KetoDiet App free of charge to download!

For the past few months we've been working hard, adding new things and improving every aspect of the KetoDiet App. Before I get into the details of what's new in the & # 39; id, I want to explain our new prices.

The KetoDiet App is free to download with some well-known tools (organizing & monitoring, accessing the blog, al & # 39; feed and more). There are better features for the subscribers and users that we have.

Current Users – Free forever

As a thank you to our loyal users who have been able to implement our services for years, we are offering KetoDiet to them – forever. This includes fresh ingredients, new recipes and all sorts of updates. Existing users will not be asked to pay anything.

The Best Keto App Now Free To Download!

New Users – What's Good and What's the Biggest?

All new users will have access to all of the free features and can select all tokens by subscription. You & # 39; re able to buy your income monthly, every quarter or year.

Why do we have to pay? We work with a team of professionals and content creators to provide content for our blog and our app. Our hope is to continue this sustainable work and to continue to create good content. Getting the best payment is the best way to ensure this long-term.

Below are a comparison of the main features in the Free Sites and the & # 39;

Premium Donation
Complete Career Materials * 1,500+ 10
Ketone, Glucose & Lipid Tracking & amp;
Mood & Energy Tracking & amp;
Progress report Carry on The original
Adjustment of Information & amp;
Apple Health Services & amp;
The KetoDiet Guide Conclusion The original
Trusted Recipes Blog** & amp;
Recipes for cooking recipes & amp;
Macro calculator & amp; & amp;
Food & Water Research & amp; & amp;
Shopping Cart & amp; & amp;
Food Stuff & amp; & amp;
Improvements & amp; & amp;
Barcode Scanning & amp; & amp;

* KetoDiet combines 350 unique recipes with over 1,200+ recipes from our Blog. General subscribers have full access to all 1,500+ low-carb recipes. All the recipes are added to our app with more and more each day.

** Non-profit users can search for recipes & news under the KetoDiet Blog. Promotional features such as adding to a planner, cloning or preparing meals are only available to subscribers.

The Best Keto App Now Free To Download!Follow us 130,7k

Features that We Use and Our Activities

Since the release of KetoDiet in 2012, we have been working on new content and features to create the best & # 39; s most iconic.

Recently we have been particularly interested in adding some key elements to our group. Here are the details:

  • Combine all recipes under one section.
  • Users can add recipes to Custom Food to create the perfect recipe.
  • Improvements in city code barriers and improved research on existing products. Users can make corrections and report errors in branded foods that are not new to existing products. Every time you fix stuff, you help us improve the data for each user.
  • Global Search in Ready for easy tracking & ease. Users can search for all foods including recipes, al & # 39; s food, products, restaurant food, and more.
  • Quick access to a quick feed from the main menu to reduce the number of steps required.
  • Apple Health Kit support.
  • A new boardwalk to help new users get started.

Here's what we're working on right now (next 2 updates):

  • An in-depth filter to match the selection of filters on our website for all KetoDiet recipes. You can filter through 1,500+ recipes depending on your health and other preferences.
  • Most UX improvements in Planner, Progress, recipes and trash cans.

Lots of great things like data streaming, fast tracking and diet plans designed to be updated later. I will explain more in more detail in the next post!

Note that software development takes time. We release new ones and add new ones as much as possible.

Ra & # 39; s problem

I want to thank you all for your amazing help. It allows us to continue working on our application to make it better. We're working hard on the latest updates that will bring new features and enhancements – all of the items you have been sent.

If you like KetoDiet, please leave a review on the App Store or Google Play. It only takes a minute and it makes a big difference to us. It's a great way to help us take KetoDiet to the next level. Thank you!

The Best Keto App Now Free To Download!Follow us 130,7k

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