The best five gifts of Keto

The best five gifts of Keto

Ketogenic diet means joining a fatty, sophisticated, low-fat diet. What is the reason? Taking this step puts your body in ketosis, so you burn kits instead of sugar for energy.

Although it does not continue as a loss of loss, this is what it is, together with a meeting of volunteers to get most calories from fat and protein and limit themselves to less than 50 grams of carbs in sun. While supporters use the funds they have taken, health experts say there are some things that can lead to eating, such as muscle loss, disease, and the traumatic conditions.

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An embarrassing thing to do with it is that you can be weakened by some essential nutrients that are usually found in the diet that is suspended or restricted under the guidance of a guide. If you ignore or think about the struggle, nutrients say that you should do more than take these five items to fix the diet that you may lose.


Much of magnesium foods, such as black grain, bananas, and beans, are not related to each other because they contain a lot of drugs, explains nutritionist Ginger Hultin, RD, speaker and nutritionist. The Center for Gym and Dietetics.

"Magnesium is an important factor in many cellular activities and helps manage nerves, muscles, and immune system," Hultin said, and contributes to building strong bones, maintaining levels blood, and heart attack. "It is important for the body to produce protein, bone, and DNA, too," she said.

Protecting agents can try to prevent magnesium bonding (310 to 320 MG, depending on your age) by consuming magnesium foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. But receiving extra magnesium can prove to be original. "Talk to your doctor about more potential but make sure you do not pass the suggestions, because most magnesium may cause diarrhea," Hultin said.

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Many milk and dairy products do not work on diet because of carbohydrate levels – they think yogurts milk or yogurt, both of which have 12 carbons and serum. (Remember, supporters are advised to reduce carbon boundaries below 50 MG daily.) By limiting or avoiding samples, reduce the value of calcium. Depending on your age, women should weigh about 1,300 pounds each day.

"Calcium is a key factor in controlling the virus but supports muscle and cellular communication," Hultin said. "It helps the brain's brain and helps to release hormones." Other foods with the specifications of the calcium that are removed or restricted include the waterproof valves & # 39; wood and spray. "The gospel is that you can find calcium from sardines with bones, salmon and bone, kale, and broccoli," she said.

Still, if you find it difficult to eat many leaves or refuse fish, then where the site comes. "Talk to your doctor about what you need for your diet and your diet," she said.

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Just make iron like oil that allows the cell in the system to work properly. "Iron is very important and the body needs to have hemoglobin, protein in blood vessels containing oxygen in the body," Hultin said. If not without 18 meters of iron a daily suggestion for pregnant women between the age of 18 to 50, feels comfortable and injured, and hope may be expressed.

Most accepted cereals include a lot of iron, Hultin says, such as beef, other fish, and oysters. However, some metal metals are restricted or removed from food supplements, such as baked breakfast, flat, spice, and beans, she said.

Good ironing is a challenge if you are vegetarian or vegan, since you can not consume animal products. Green leafy leaves, such as kale and spinach, are based on iron iron, but the iron that they contain is not the body. To make sure you get the amount of money, everyday usage is a good idea. Make sure you are trying to meet your needs through the diet, and consult the doctor if you need more, "Hultin said.

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Vitamin D

Having a lot of vitamin D is difficult even if it is not over. Physical sunglasses are performed when the skin is exposed to the sun-and bright sunlight is what many people are trying to avoid the risk of skin damage and cancer. Although D vitamins are available in some foods-such as milk, orange, orange, and grains-these are limited under the fat due to their number of counts.

But vitamin D is important. "Vitamin D is essential to physical well-being, and long-term depression can result in the development of bones and bones," says New York City nutritionist Natalie Rizzo, RD. It gives you the energy, power and protection of your system, and can contribute to domestic corruption.

To get your daily diet (600 IU), you can convert to salty-fish fish-such as salmon and tuna, or eat favorite chocolate in large yolk. But with low nutrition, D vitamin can be easily obtained daily. Check with your doctor for a budget according to your needs.

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You need more fiber for continuous GI construction and to avoid soluble buzzkills as conspiracy. But most fiber fibers are derived from carbohydrate, grain, vegetables, and vegetables, and these are not.

"Since these resources are limited to consuming food, this is the way to use fiber," Rizzo said. When you lose fiber, it will open the door to other health diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, and a serious risk of cancer, "she said.

"Because you can handle ropes, you should go out to eat colorful foods, such as broccoli and cauliflower," she said. But since it will be difficult to fill all your diet with day by day, easier fiber can always be a great help. Rizzo suggested talking to your doctor about how best you are and how to do it. You do not consume too much material and end with color or diarrhea color, by warning.

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