The bacterial value can increase the rate of sulfur and extraction.

The bacterial value can increase the rate of sulfur and extraction.

Returning unpaid weight after a loss of weight is a serious problem, and that's not about the willpower flag. Even when people are eating their daily diet and diet, they are not available to suit those who have not been paid by reducing the delay in treating them and reducing the amount of calories. . This will cause slow growth, or even recover from loss of weight for receipt of value.

Now, new research shows that post-carbs can enhance metabolism and help people burn more calories, according to the latest research published yesterday. BMJ. Researchers say their findings challenge the belief that all calories work well in the body-and they say they can avoid the weight that is done after it dies after getting into the dietary diet.

This study consists of 164 people who lost 10 to 14% of their weight during the ten-week period. These people are separated from groups and placed in a valuable, medium, or high-carbohydrate for more than 20 weeks. All calories are organized into all three groups throughout the study so that no one of the participants gets lost or lost.

In the meantime,

During the past 20 weeks, researchers have noticed the cost of investing,

a]by the participants, or by the amount of calories they consume. And they found that at the maximum average weight of the diet, consumers in the small diet consumed about 250 calories a day more than those who were eating a risk diet.

NOTE: You burn most calories at this time of the day

"If this difference persists-and we do not see a drop in the 20 weeks of our study-the results will translate within 20 kilograms of weight for three years, without any change in the calorie," in says Cara Ebbeling, PhD, co-author of research and director at the New Balance Foundation at the Boston Children's Hospital, in a statement.

Why is the difference in consequence? David Ludwig, MD, Ebbeling Church writer and executive commander, commented on a statement. Carbohydrates were implemented-which "affects our diet during the young trees" – says it in the release of articles, which stimulate bacteria to store large calories. This increases hunger and slow metabolism, which is "recipe for profit."

Breaking on the car, on the one hand, allows the body to speed up to the level steps, the authors suggest. They also discovered that what happened, a hormone is thinking of reducing the amount of calories, it is very important on the small diet.

This certainly encourages, especially for anyone who has a strong sense of responsibility but sees the consequences that have been difficult to miss (and the attempts have been made) in the coming months. And this is not the first time that most restaurants have originated for loss of weight: most research-and anecdotal data-show that these foods (such as Atkins or special foods) are actually a result.

But still, we have also heard the opposite: Diet foods that do not have a long-term drug can work for a long time, that can affect the environment and make people feel worried, and you can eat very much meat (even pasta!) Still lose weight. So before you decide that baking and cooking on the meat is the answer that will be kept on the unwanted form, it is important to examine all the facts.

CHAPTER 6: Do You Know What to Do with Food?

First, this study does not look at any easy eating program; It consists of a specialized diet prepared diet, with oil, protein, and carbohydrate content correctly listed. Therefore, it seems that people who are trying to pursue such a diet, without the help of the scientists and the prepared diet, will not find such a success in real life.

Secondly, one of the sites provided to all three organizations was effective, based on the findings: They contain full grain (instead of processors) and small sugars – so there are no clothes or pastries, for example.

Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, HealthIt provides a dietary diet, saying it is important to remember that a small carb does not mean health. "I think at this point we can agree that petroleum and inferior food is the best medicine, especially when it comes to breeding and cleaning," she said. However, she added, "as not all the calories were created wrong, not all the food they were using."

Even on salt foods, she says, until now they will be a room that can make good carbohydrates-like non-sarchy veggies, berries and other. ; fruit, and small grains, cereals, and sweet vegetables such as sweet potatoes. "Think about half the game, about half the size of tennis and food, instead of," she said.

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Equality in these healthy foods will ensure that you have antioxidants, proteins, phytonutrients, vitamins, and proteins, as well as fiber, infections. In addition, "all home-based foods support the virus, which is important to immunization, environment, and health," she said.

Researchers are hoping that research is important to preventing obesity. But further studies are needed, they say, to compare lower carbon dioxide-containing carbohydrate such as in the program. Even if the benefits shown in this study have been proven, they have written in their documents, and most of the work will be necessary "to translate the best for human health."

Sass now says that the most important things in the absence of time-and health-for a long time-have not changed. "It's important to find the right path, and to keep it, and it gives you the opportunity to be mentally and physically," she said.

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