The Antoine Antoine Institute has been independent and efficient

The Antoine Antoine Institute has been independent and efficient

CHICAGO-Guy Medaglia, Senior Corporate Officer in Saint Anthony's Business Over the past eight years, has no problem with being a friend with some hospital leaders. He did not attend the presidency and realized that if one of them saw him on the street, they would not know who he was.

While staying in his office at the hospital on Tuesday morning, Medaglia said, "This is where I need it. I need to be here. I need to be in the town."

St. Anthony, a private private clinic, headed southwest of the city, just down the street from the Mount Sinai Hospital. With only 151 beds, it was a little compared to the 319 beds in Mount Sinai and was managed to be in the market-and perhaps a wonderful independent one.

Anthony's statement ignored nine years ago when she did something wrong: The board decided to leave the visitor to Ascension but instead of seeking a new parent, go alone. While empowerment became unsuccessful, Saint Anthony did not have a meeting schedule.

Guy MedagliaGuy Medaglia led the Saint Anthony Hospital in the Southwest Southwest Southwest for eight years.
"There are many signs there that Saint Anthony can not do it for two or so years," said Medaglia. He joined Saint Anthony in 2007 from the FTI Consulting Business, hoping to stay up to eight weeks to assist the Hospital for Progressive Development. And FTI's fans thought, "I'm tired" if he left the company forever to lead the hospital, he said.

"I know it will be a risk, but I really believe we can happen," he said. "You must believe in it, otherwise you will succeed."

Health scientists say that Saint Anthony was able to be independent because he understood his position as a hospital and was embracing him in a positive way through partnership with home centers.

"They know who they are and try not to be another," said Bret Schroeder, a partner in PA Consulting. "They focus on the important things they have and develop their talents through commitment and purpose."

Unlike other private hospitals, St. Anthony does not have the pressure to be hospitalized, says Schroeder. Local hospital hospitals, who have struggled financially over the last decade, have been providing medical services because they are only a service provider in millions of dollars.

St. Anthony has not invested in a long line of traffic such as central interference because patients could find these jobs on the streets of Mount Sinai and # 39; or miles away from some of the academic institutions in the city.

Medaglia says Saint Anthony does not try to fight with Mount Sinai but both provide different services for one and a half.

"I do not think you can say that our clinic of our pride is successful with the tool. This is a very different job," he said. "We have no surgery, and we are not a center of cancer, we are hospitalized."

He called the salmon of San Antonio near Mount Sinai & # 39; in a "statement" joint. Drugs went to Mount Sinai and Mount Sinai and changed the infants to Saint Anthony. Mount Sinai and give her a baby's health.

According to a statement, Mount Sinai said, "As much as it does, it does not really matter in our competition with the St. Anthony Institute."

The presence of two hospitals in this section gives the patient a "choice," Medaglia said.

This strategy helped St. Anthony to remain financially, although his neighborhoods were relatively easy. In 2017, $ 111 million was invested in revenue and $ 1.12 million, according to the Center for Modern Health. Ever since he left the Ascension Ascension, Saint Anthony allowed himself to work one year-in 2016-and therefore the state did not have a budget, and no money was given to Medicaid.

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Regarding the financial condition of St. Anthony, Medaglia, said, "It's not a great thing, and this is just what the system will say, but it is enough to keep moving forward. When your healthcare population is Medicare, Medicaid and billing, most of the places are red. We still have money, we manage our money well, and we're able to make money. "

Choosing partners with wisdom

Although Medaglia insists that Anthony Anthony is not in the competition with Mount Sinai and he works with the private school at home school to expand his career.

She now has a collaboration with the University of Science and Technology, University of Chicago and, most recent, North West Medicine.

In February, San Anthony announced that he would provide mobile phones in emergency services and researchers from northwestern 24/7 clinic.

Medaglia says she wants to partner because they have left St. Anthony's chance to be independent but still earns more jobs in the umma. It was not easy to find compatible partners. Without the name of the provider, Medaglia says the first partner of St. Anthony turned to patients who were called Medicaid or non-authoritative. About 40 percent of Saint Anthony's patients are on Medicaid.

"We have learned our lessons, and now we make these statements with these people to make sure, (or) just a good word?"

Medaglia says many times it says leaders say they want to help those who are not sure but they can not give priority. "I hope they will not tell everyone they care for the poor, and they do not want," he said.

Good solutions can be found in these days when searching for non-profit students in the school are demanding, "said Kelly Arduino, partner in Wipfli. Through partners, academic institutions can "safeguard the government later and may now be able to choose what doctors like Medicaid," she said.

Participating in alma

Another key part of Sir Anthony's program is with umma. Anthony's statement has a welfare plan for about 20 years and has been under the leadership of Medaglia.

The department is fully involved with 36 people. Medical services are provided with health care and health care in three centers. In addition, St. Anthony has attempted to associate with non-governmental organizations, including non-profitable churches such as the Lawndale Christian Law Center, which provides legal and social services for alma. The leaders of St. Anthony are present and when violence occurs in the country to support.

"If there is a service service in # 39; umma, you will probably not get any of Saint Anthony there. I was in prayer at 12 am after the violence occurred," according to Jim Sifuentes, vice president of development and development of umma.

Anthony's statement offers the $ 1 million grant as part of the Criminal Law, which allows the hospital to provide additional mentors and facilitators in the case of a lawyer. to help victims of violence.

"Most people in these articles, if they have no problem, simply by living in these categories, have seen or heard about some in the family," said Sifuentes.

Also, under the leadership of Medaglia, Saint Anthony worked to deal with the long-term illness that he had only a clinic because of Latino's involvement in local constituencies. Medaglia and other leaders of St. Anthony included a big guest by attending a local church service for confidence and correction.

Medaglia says she feels comfortable with St. Anthony, and the hospital has the purpose of controversy about it. "I have this belief that nobody drinks from what's happening in 19th and California because we are small tools, but if we can help people, we're here," he said.

But Schroeder at PA Consulting said he had served St. Anthony to know his people. The hospital makes it a great investment to know its customers. For instance, it is the first Illinois clinic to set up a baby to provide special boxes for parents who suit them as the first cradle-with the education sector. The accepted program in the world is the way to prevent infanticide.

"They use this method by combining it with education. This is a drink-winning experience of democracy and is developing a closer look," Schroeder said.

Anthony Saint-Anthony's statement about her is clear in her new stadium program. The current hospital housing, over 125 years of age, is very expensive for care, so Medaglia has begun a new program for building a new hospital about four years ago.

After a study with the help of the University of Nebraska, Saint Anthony, he learned that patients need more than a new hospital, but they can take care of them, shop and spend time with family and friends. .

With a new 150-bed hospital, a 32-acre school building, which will open for a period of 2021, will have more than 250,000 square feet of sale with a nursery, a doctor and clinical specialist, sports center and another education center.

"If you live in this city and want to have a wedding or want to celebrate birthdays, there is no place here, it's a man's house, so we'll have a room for people," she said. Medaglia.

The hospital decides not to increase the current size of the building with the new building but will have private rooms. "I see the beds walking." According to Medaglia. "I saw them go back in 2007 when I arrived here; 150 beds were nice for our furniture and more respect for our exit makers." Saint Anthony has five clinics.

St. Anthony has no capital to build a new hospital, so Medaglia has created a non-profit company distributed from Saint Anthony, called Chicago Southwest Development Corp. Saint Anthony will pay rent as a renter and the assets found in the company will be revived in the capital, says Medaglia. Growth has attracted investors to pay for the loan.

"This is a painful illness, and they worry that their children are shot or shot, so we need to improve this and that will help, "he said.

In view of the needs of people, Medaglia says it is unacceptable to find a parent for St. Anthony.

"It's almost impossible to be part of the system … If you're independent you are responsible for it," he said. "Our responsibility is to sell us and even our services and allow us to work in the field."

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