Tenet loses loss in third quarter of 2018

Tenet loses loss in third quarter of 2018

Tenet Healthcare Corp. continues to reduce the losses in the third quarter of the year 2018, despite the slightest loss of revenue paid to the suspected authorities.

The loss of the Dallas hospital continues to be $ 9 million in the third quarter of 2018, compared with the 366 million US dollars at this time in 2017. Tenet earns $ 4.5 billion a year the third year, slightly from about 4.6 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2017, but there is a need for expectants.

In the Tenet hospital, the entry declined to 2.1%, while the number of entries rose 0.3%. Tenet noted that entry changes would increase by 1.3% on a single fund if not for fixed telephone line in Detroit.

Tenet to pay an increase of 2.7 percent in the third quarter of 2018 a year, which the company said was most important because of the hospital. The risk of joint ventilation in the Tenet hospital increased by 6% every year on the account. The increase in revenue increased by 5.7%.

Last week, the World Health Organization reported last year's increase in income by entering revenue: 6.6%.

The Department of Tenet, Ron Rittenmeyer, wrote in a statement that, despite the results of the International Partnerships International and Conifer Health Solutions, the company's clinics did not achieve the goal. He said the company is focusing on specific areas to prevent the connection.

"Strengthening the activities of the project is still our focus – and we will continue to move forward to implement and continue to continue to improve, improve our efficiency, improve the quality of our products. operate and improve the cost of changing revenue, "he said.

A total of 320 million US dollars in the quarter was increased by $ 51 at the same time in 2017. Revenues due to prevalence, tax, amortization and amortization increased to 577 million US dollars in third of 2018, nearly 14% from 507 million dollars in the third quarter of 2017.

In Tenet's ambulatory segment, revenue increased by 6.7% on this root basis. Also,

a]respectively, rose by 1.6 percent each year.

Conife reported on Tenet reports in the previous sections, but the rate was 7.5% from the third year to 2018 to 371 million US dollars, which Tenet relied on to suppliers after payment. money. Conifer's EBITDA, currently increased by 2.5% a year, to 81 million dollars.