Technical support for working during illness – Articles

Technical support for working during illness – Articles

What do you do with your job today when you are in the situation? Are you the one who does not care for symptoms because of the experience of your work at any time? Likely you write someone who hurts your partner at the bottom of the nose mark?

What if the nearest neighbor is not the best?

Exercise can also be a vital part of a good part of life. We know that a little exercise is all, much in size is good, but much exercise can be bad.

When engaging in a physical activity that causes our body to move from the middle of the home or function, we move the many alternatives of neuroendocrine, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and immune systems.

People are designed to move and when we work often these systems work together to adapt features to our environment – we are well suited to deliver a "moving" exercise and strengthen our immune system when we move (not ma many) and at the same time. It's a standard job.

This is why it is important to approach your work in any other way while you are suffering from illness or illness. Read to get a player on how to get to exercise when you are ill.

Working and "exercise" are wrong, so for the purpose of this article, the word "exercise" refers to the training system used to break out the stroke, burn some calories, or break the muscles.

"Operational" or "active" means some non-compromised parts of your lifestyle such as walking, standing, washing, or steaming – parts that will not prepare you well for a half-goal race or single race .

The next health advice we should work for about 150 minutes a week, except to work regularly at or in the unemployed every day. For safe and healthy health we should include two to three training courses of endurance and two to three-week heart training sessions each week.

These are really, of course – and are talking about the most important struggle for health so do not include the training suggestions for teams and competitors.

The methods in the selected function depend entirely on each other Fneed, I amshell, Tinside and Type I have trained you and your ability to cope with and deal with many of the challenges of the training program (according to your own needs, too).

Listen to your body.

Our bodies have the best possible answers when the body is challenged, and it is allowed to repair, rest, and cure. We are almost treating bad things when we work on any time, so it is important to monitor how the FITT system affects your health and health. If you listen, your body will give you detailed indications of how to conduct a freelance training, or to work with a suitable coach to bring you good ideas, experience and skills to your program.

The exercise presents two major concerns about the physical structure – engineering and / or stresses of life. Moisturption means physical damage to body muscle and strength of resistance or intensity / length of time. The bacterial strain means long-term planning to generate greater energy than in our body.

All of us have to do when we are trying to improve our physical or physical well-being, but depending on the size and strength of stress it can take up to 72% of your body Returns to homepage.

Many experts give training on suggestions on whether the symptoms appear above or less, and there are some facts about it. Research shows that long-term exercise has a neutral or effective effect on the cold [i].

As regular, if you feel sorry to get out of bed or leave your home it is best to stop any training sessions. If you have a fever, you're getting a cigarette, or it's too brave to lose more than one footprint, I recommend arranging any exercise on your program.

These symptoms are the way your body shows that it may be a concern for something other than this last or last time. It tells you that you are not ready to adapt to any new body condition, but you can cope with (or even use) some simple exercise or relaxation of a separate training session.

I recommend that you use the appropriate steps in accordance with the psychological or psychological memory (HRV) to maintain your body's health, fitness, and development programs. If you have to evaluate these things before and when you talk about illness, you will find some strong relationships between illness and training / operational training and fitness.

Work, but be humble and mindful

During our exercise we will move on with the power and distribution and essential remedies in our body, and how to adjust the FITT button can be a good thing. However, if you grow older or faster than your body has prepared (such as when you are ill), you have a risk of injury, illness for a long time, or even the slightest part of the job.

Physical failure from the test of resistance or energy efficiency / reduction of heart training time can eliminate the immune system and make us more susceptible to illness [ii] [iii]. Some accounts indicate that the immune system is "weakened" several days a few weeks after the competition or taxation for sports, opening an open window to get sick or worse at present. [iv] [v].

When your immune system is exposed to infection, it requires essential nutrition (vitamins, chemotherapy, amino acids, glucose, essential fatty materials), extra relaxation and enjoyment of your problems. These immune systems require adjustments in the struggle or struggle challenge, so if you are suffering from illness and your body tax with exercise you can reduce your diet and building to prevent your reaction. [vi].

When you are working during your illness, you will not have to make any personal equipment, and you may notice that you can not do it "free". Be humble and accept your features.

If you have a fever or low-pressure cell, it's possible for a few days to a week of complete rest from all the exercise. On the other hand, if you are suffering from cold, sinus cover or throat sore but you enjoy living with the plan you plan to make some improvements.

Here are some ways to adjust your FITT standard for your program to work with your body instead da it [vii]:

  • Weather mode – If the training system you are calling three times this week, do not hesitate to go back to only two
  • Intensity – Reduce the weight or heart rate from 20 to 30 percent from or prevent extreme action <60% of VO2max; This will allow you to increase the volume without performing your body's resources
  • Time – Reduce the amount of time-under-tension (multiplication and / or reps) during resistance or cut off from 60 to 40-45 minutes for heart peace
  • Write – Smoke for walking or jog instead of running, or preparing for body training like yoga vs. a very serious time

Doing some exercise or work when we are ill helps another reason; Physical movement is necessary for lymphatic education to work. The Lymphatic Program is a network of vessels similar to arteries and veins of blood vessels, but instead of blood transfusions, the lymph system contains non-spreading bacteria, bacteria, and fatty acids in the body. It plays an important role in our immune system, but not just the signal system we need to move our body to keep exercise; there is no pump [viii]. We are the pump.

Take more time to improve the lifestyle lifestyle

I constantly challenge your friends for the reasons why they got sick at the first place, and we often found out how easy it was to live a lifestyle that could make it easier. It is well-known that mental thinking without dealing with it, lack of diet, lack of weight loss and hygiene (handwashing) all associated with illness [ix]. Occasionally their home environment plays an important role, so we learn about the importance of training training.

Therefore, while we are making the complaint and the strength of their actions easier to cure faster we turn our attention over "extra" to address the lifestyle patterns of life. Here's a list of things I use to:

  • Suitable for sleeping – we practice regular studies to facilitate at least 8 hours of sleep, slow relaxation, deep sleep and setting parameters for sunset time, heat (<68 * F) and dark in your home).
    Good morning, calmness is the purpose of medications and button reset – there is no shortcut nearby.
  • (re-connect) Connect with the "downtime" value for the upgrade – in our mobile device, we can not delay time, but deep breathing and thinking play an important role in regulating our existing system and immunization procedures. to improve our health and download [x]. Playing is important, something to help lymphatic lymphatic system and your spirit regains.
  • Upgrade food development – eating good food, undefined food based on good nutrition and good nutrition is simple, but not so easyto focus. It takes time, work, and sometimes even more comfortable to encourage us to use energy to improve our lifestyle. Gifts are worthwhile, especially if it helps you get back to the fast drive. The Nutrition College specialist can help you improve your lifestyle, so if you struggle with this skill, hire the coach.
  • Maintain regular regular routine – "Most nutrients work in all sorts of shoes, all shoes require all the nutrients; and therefore, use of experience can affect any body structure … [xi]"This statement stresses the importance of maintaining regular nutrition of vitamins, nutrients, and essential resources to protect your body as prescribed. In fact, even when consumers are trying hard to eat their diet generating high levels of protein, which are always cheaper and unprotected daily, need to support their plans with fatty acid-omega-3 companies, and often-often extra extra [xii].

Unfortunately, there's no way to live, so if you fix your work during illness, you can not make mistakes without spending time lifting a lifestyle that will support the importance of answering after you come back for speed.

Ramp up up reasonably

This ends the end of time – when you've done everything that hit you (which can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on your own and illnesses), it is wrong to expect your health, energy or functionality to go back to your previous background. As a patient as it can cope with illness, strength, wear, time / age or training, allow you to return to your regular routine to reduce the risk of regaining or finding different .

Presentation of resistance coaching or Yoga / Pilates on a communist communicator – follow the simultaneous / intermediate vowels rather than the modeling pattern that can easily download you easily. Drug and deep breath are good in chemicals, so if there are some remaining or non-effective bacteria you need to "pull out" and the weight is the most useful function. more than computers.

Add the volume with / or severe weekly a week, but be careful not to add it at the same time. The major law enforcement is to increase only 10-20% during the weekly weekly week and follow a continuous, non-profit product that can allow "decisive" or "target" every week or so. If this is important to follow, I would recommend meeting with you the health of your body, your experience, and your lifestyle and to plan a sustainable way to success.

After reading this message, if you think you've got an idea of ​​how to exercise when you feel in a mood, just remember that you keep on listening to your body and correcting your body so that any illnesses you face It's too fast You're back in a good life.

If you observe specific cases or delay delay when it comes back and returns to your regular routine after regular routine times, it may be time to work with a pro pro. By working with the medical equipment, they can help you create a self-reliance process and set you on the path to achieve your goals.

In health, Paul Kriegler, Dietitian Registered Dietitian and Life Time – Nutrition Program Development Manager.

This article is not intended for medicine or antibiotics, and not as a substitute for treatment, and not as an alternative medical advice. Using the suggestions in this and the other documents is to choose the risk of a reader.