Tea Encyclopedia Excellent Tea Tree Variety – Purple Peony

The Tea Research Institute of the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences was bred from the Tieguanyin live-generation offspring by 1981-1999. National identification varieties in 2010.

Asexual. Shrub type, the tree pose is half open, the branches are dense, the middle leaves, the leaves are elliptical, the leaves are dark green, the leaves are raised, the leaves are flat, the tips are blunt or apex, and the leaves are microwaved.

The bud leaves are purple-red, with less hair, and the internodes are short. The buds and three-leaf buds weigh about 54.0g. Mid-late, the first bud of three leaves is in mid-April. The output is high. Spring tea one bud and two leaves dry sample contains 4.5% amino acid, tea polyphenol 27.2%, caffeine 2.7%, and water extract 48.1%.

Oolong tea, the aroma is long and fragrant, the taste is mellow and sweet, and there is Tieguanyin “rhyme”; black tea, green tea, floral fragrance, mellow taste. Strong cold resistance.

Reference: “Chinese Tea Classics” Chen Zongxi, Yang Yajun