Talk: Davos information about how to change your health

Talk: Davos information about how to change your health

The first trip to Davos to participate in the World Economic Forum last month was a good look at the future of healthcare: the world of health without address, the highest in the human health system; and the world around to enhance human health.

Usually for four days and most of us have released the renewal to collaborate to improve the cost of reducing prices, to continue investing in technology that changes the delivery rate, and to expand March to value. Here are four steps from discussing with the international and international health care leaders:

First of all, we move in the light of lightning by improving technology, especially in the release of telemedicine, real-time changes and full support. In the meantime, mobile phones give us a chance to stay in the world where the doctor does not have any contact and we can get our doctors out of bed if necessary. Kaiser Permanente has established a bar in the United States with half of all medical sufferers each year conducted by telemedicine. Our network and others are quick to expand this important service.

Worldwide, technology is increasing. Most of the health centers in China, Ping Good Doctor, just announced to a pilot; One-minute units – one of the most commonly available online marketing agents offering online consultations and taking over 100 drug tablets use them inside. prove valid. Jetsons can not dream of this future.

Secondly, let's try to get the best solution for the health care service. In the world with 2 billion people over the age of 65 and 76 of infants in the United States who are in the age of gold, medical doctors must adapt. This means spending more time with care, over time caring instead of care and care and renewal to focus on immunization so we can delay delaying funding for the next few years.

Why? There is an urgent need for the treatment of chronic illness. Diabetes only needs $ 727 million to care for the whole world – that is, 12 percent of the total amount of money spent on adults. Currently, restriction is not just one of the most common infections, but also the underlying reason why people have a disability to work.

Third, Davos is a perfect partnership for a good partnership and a collaborative partnership is the foundation of a business model for many health organizations in the United States and the world. Customers offer the value of the patients, and also the lenders, with new ways that give consumers what they want, even though their needs have taken place. The healthcare provider of the Carrier Clinic, a healthcare specialist in New Jersey, has been able to use it in all fields of care: treatment of diseases, coffee and addiction. We are planning to prepare new medical centers, including one this year, and the first New Jersey Health Care Center. This technique will relieve patients from an emergency section, treating patients as much as they need faster and more relevant to lower prices.

Four, and it is based on the previous issue, we must meet our special environment to improve the health of people with mental health and disorders. I am pleased to know that Prince William and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern were a big ticket in Davos. Many people want to attend the discussion on human health.

It takes the village to improve domestic and overseas care to broaden the capacity for all of the people to enjoy health care and the best treatment affordable. Here I brought a lot of news to Davos in 2020.