Sweet dessert

Sweet dessert

Does the title feel sweet?

Sweet dessert, but there is also a bitter dessert. I guess there are some little girls or little guys who love chocolate. Chocolate is hard. I remember the first time I ate chocolate dessert, wow! so bitter! For me, someone who doesn’t like to eat bitter desserts is simply terrible. First of all, to clarify, dessert is not only a girl can eat brightly! The same is true for boys, and you can eat it with greatness!

I think, one day, everyone is eating the dessert I made. Everyone said that it is delicious. Every time I eat dessert, I come to my “site” to eat. I just think about it. Beautiful!

Does anyone like dessert like me? Or has someone already made a favorite dessert? I like to eat sweet desserts. Is anyone like me? Who cares for the bitter dessert?

sweet dessert