Sunday Sisson 11.18.18 Mark's Daily Apple

Sunday Sisson 11.18.18 Mark's Daily Apple

Congratulations, everyone. Hope to enjoy your morning. For any of you who have just been able to find Sisson Sunday in your box, I wanted to give my boss and me a change (only for the technology) and Sunday With Sisson for a few weeks. Some may see a temporarily suspended email from you receiving MDA. All of our improvements in our system. Unfortunately, it has never been good for these things.

On the other hand, we will send "Sunday With Sisson" papers every Sunday until we come back to our full potential. Enjoy, and-always like thanks here.

Good morning.

Therefore, California is in the fire You may have heard stories and have seen people videos on the road to burning roads to escape. It's different than anything the government thinks.

I will not survive in Malibu, but I've done that for 25 years, my daughter Devyn has lived in our former Malibu home and family and three dogs.

She was in the house last week as a fire broke out in our home. They watched when she was just close when the campaign finally came to our home, and they thought they had more time before they were released. They did.

I've had a story about my life in Miami. When I saw L.A. with reporters standing on the road below our house with 30 winds bent over them directly behind them, I called and told them to find. No device has any idea why the power and the Internet were cut off. She and her dogs went to Santa Monica; His boyfriend was in Malibu to protect our home (successful) and a number of friends in the area.

When I found it was clear, I went to sleep. I'm worried – as long-time readers will know – but we lay on the bed open, as we knew everyone was safe. Sure, I'm worried at home, it's been in the market for a few months and it's one of the 15 years of remembrance of memorabilia, along with some things, but also completely peaceful in everything that happened. We have insurance, housing is just a product. People who live in the home and memories we have are important. The feeling of this home is not just dying. She is with you.

The house survived, although there was a fair amount of fire and water reaching the two sides. Two of our neighbors are not lucky, all their homes have been lost.

It's fun for me just two weeks ago I wrote about the importance of working thanks. These events are said to be a real cause of life because thanksgiving is important: life is soft – and can be taken at any time. Even if you think you have nothing to do, you have a life, promise and opportunity.

The merciful pleads for us to prevent the temptation to judge the luck of our luck (or deeply unfortunate) compared to others. It is self-esteem, the seat of power. There are many things we can do when we work in that area.

I already told the blog that Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. This year we will celebrate his message often.

Enjoy Sunday, everyone, and good holidays for you and yours.

Best of all,

Mark it


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