Summer Cobb Salad with coconut, Bacon

Summer Cobb Salad with coconut, Bacon


of the summer is here! Wowee zowee a beautiful July is filled with a lot of Sun, swimming, fresh fruit, and family time. It is also a particular feeling is in Canada for the whole spring-to-summer transition once again. It is one of my favorite things, look at this little part of the world green and warm, the lakes and rivers to invite us in, for the farmers ‘ markets to burst with local goodness, and for the long days to stretch in equally enchanting nights.

not I cook a lot of this time of year-I want to keep my food really fresh, mostly raw and quite light. if I’m turning the stove or the oven on, it’s often that staples that I waiting for you in the fridge to amplifier a salad or sandwich. Lentils, beans and quinoa are some Rotary essentials that I can add a bunch of fresh vegetables to, or turn into a dive. I also like that some coconut Bacon from my second cookbook, of course fed, on hand to add great flavor and texture to something as basic as avocado toast.

coconutbacon inspiration for this salad came when I had just made a fresh batch of this magical stuff, and I tried to come up with an alternative used to (in addition to the best B.L.T. ever) then I remembered another classic Bacon meal: the Cobb Salad! If you live outside of North America, chances are that you are not familiar with this iconic dish, a texture-rich blend of chopped romaine, avocado, tomato, chives, hard-boiled eggs, bacon and chicken. It is a rich and protein-heavy “salad”, often smothered in a creamy blue cheese dressing. Whoa! major. Needless to say, I knew that this perfect makeover fodder was, and I had everything I needed to get started.

to convert from this delicious dish into something just as tasty, but actually a salad was relatively simple. First, I decided to show up at the Green and some spinach to add to the mix. This small addition supplies more iron, protein, vitamin C and folate. Instead of chicken I founded my garden arrow on peas, add body and fiber. Cooked chickpeas, butter beans or French lentils also work beautifully in their place. Watermelon radish net came in season here, and it was a total no-brainer to add to this version because they add great crunch, delicious bosgeuren and pink. Because pink! And of course I loved the avocado … duh.

The creamy chive Dressing is such a win here. I made it in the hope of maintaining that rich and satisfying mouth feel that blue cheese dressing to the classic Cobb, but without the cheese, cream, sour cream and mayo (I mean, Holy cow). Instead I used hemp seeds, which are rich in Omega-3 fats, and proteins are to our summer bods energize. It’s snappy, a little garlic-y and super fresh. And since my recipe makes more than enough for this salad, pour the rest thick sliced beefsteak tomatoes, grilled Eggplant and Zucchini, fold it in cooked grains and Greens.

my version of Cobb Salad is more of a concept than a recipe – so feel free to play around a bit with what you have, in the quantities you have. And if you have some other salad-y things kicking around that would work here, throw them in! No rules, only a clean-out-the-fridge deal kinda. It’s summer. Let’s keep things simple and flowin’!

to say I’m obsessed with this salad is an understatement. It is the perfect summer meal and has everything going on with are fresh, crispy, Garden-fresh vegetables and Greens, creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes, rich and smoky coconut Bacon, smooth and spicy chive dressing, meet the eggs, and if you do not want to dive face first now come in that I don’t think we ever are friends; )


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