Sugary drink, “invisible” health killer

Sugary drink, “invisible” health killer

sugar drink,

As a kind of sugary beverage, carbonated beverages can be consumed for a long time, which will not only cause changes in body shape and appearance, but also cause great damage to organs and organs inside our body. Hazard!

sugar drink,

▲ Figure 1 Uncle of the United States insists on drinking Coke every day, the sexy muscles are gone, and the blood sugar and blood pressure are abnormal.

sugar drink,

▲ Figure 2 After the American sister stopped drinking Coke, the skin became rosy, and the eyes were also fascinated. Even the weight was significantly reduced.

Sweet drinks=water+sugar

Sweet drinks are drinks with a sugar content of 5% or more. Sugary drinks have a single nutrient composition, mainly carbohydrates and water. Carbohydrates are added sugar. Commonly used are white sugar, fructose, sucrose, fructose syrup, etc., which have a great impact on blood sugar.

sugar drink,

The harm of sugary drinks to the body

1, blood sugar

The added sugar in the beverage is mostly mono-disaccharide, such as sucrose. Glucose, white sugar, syrup, etc., are easily digested and absorbed, have a high glycemic index, and have a great impact on blood sugar.

2, gout

Adding fructose in sugar can promote the production of uric acid. People with high uric acid such as hyperuricemia and gout can increase the condition of drinking sugary drinks. In addition, foods with high fructose content are also honey.

3, blood phosphorus

Among sugary drinks, especially carbonated drinks, such as Coca-Cola, lemon soda, merida, sprite, etc., phosphoric acid is used in it. Phosphoric acid is an inorganic phosphorus that is easily absorbed by the body and is strictly prohibited for patients with hyperphosphatemia, renal osteodystrophy and hyperparathyroidism (parathyroidism).

4, caries

is what we call “fangs.” Studies have found that excessive intake of added sugar can increase the risk of dental caries, the most common in children.

5, obesity

Adding sugar is also energy, 1 gram of sugar contains 4 calories, because the drink is water, the amount of drinking naturally adds sugar intake There will be too much, resulting in excessive energy intake, and eventually it will be the same as the uncle of the United States.

In addition, excessive intake of sugary drinks is also closely related to the incidence of cancer and fatty liver.

Common sugary drinks

With regard to the addition of sugar, the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend “no more than 50g per day, preferably less than 25g”. How much refined sugar can there be in the drink?

sugar drink,

sugar drink,

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Is it very exciting, is it very shocking, a bottle of drink is far more than 25 Ke!


A lot of people like to drink sugary drinks. One important reason is that boiled water has no taste. The sweetness or other taste of the beverage can stimulate the taste of the mouth and increase the pleasure. And become a habit.

The way to drink less is to use light tea or flower tea instead, such as lemon slices, chrysanthemums, tea leaves, etc. in the white water to change the taste of boiled water.

Remember, it is not a strong tea! !


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