“Sugar-free drinks” is healthy?

“Sugar-free drinks” is healthy?

In the hot summer days, when you sweat, you will have a cold drink. It must be something that most people think is very refreshing. However, some people have realized that the health risks of sugary drinks, such as causing obesity, high blood sugar, etc., have turned to “sugar-free drinks.” However, is “sugar-free” really “healthy”?

“Sugar-free drink” is a drink that does not contain sugar but produces sweetness with artificial sweeteners. With the popularization of the current health concept, in order to control the intake of sugar in daily life, many people are more inclined to choose “sugar-free drinks.” They believe that sugar-free drinks are more conducive to health or prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases. But research from Imperial College London shows that “sugar-free” drinks are not helpful in maintaining a healthy weight, and may even cause other health problems. The chief culprit that causes it to be unhealthy is the famous artificial sweetener, aspartame.

Our gut bacteria produce beneficial substances, some produce harmful toxins, and other substances in the intestines are neutralized after the harmful toxins are produced, thus eliminating them. But when aspartame breaks down in the intestines, it can disrupt the neutralization of harmful toxins, leading to the accumulation of toxins.

A study has shown that in a group of high-intake and low-intake comparison trials, the “high intake” group appeared to include brain volume reduction, scenarios The brain is getting worse, the hippocampus is shrinking, and the brain is accelerating signs of aging. So eating too much sugar is not a good thing for intelligence.

The latest research shows that people who drink at least one bottle of sugar-free drink a day are three times more likely to suffer from stroke and dementia than others. Although the mechanism cannot be clarified, there are many assumptions, including changes in the intestinal flora, affecting the brain’s perception of sweetness, and so on. Therefore, whether it is sugar-free or sugary drinks, long-term uncontrolled drinking is not good for the intelligence of the human brain.

“Sugar-free” seems to be a healthier choice, but it may be just a new trap. The World Health Organization recommends that healthy adults consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per person per day. Learning to restrain is the way to health.

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