Success Story: A Cancer Travel Journey

Success Story: A Cancer Travel Journey

keto cancer

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Brethren, I am very grateful for every story that has passed me over the years. It is an unimaginable privilege for me to reach the end of your thoughts and transformations, and that is why I have continued to do so over the years – knowing the message and information has made a difference in people's lives. I thank each and every one of them. This success story comes from Registered Psychology, Primary Health Training, and survivor cancer of Martha Tettenborn. It takes us on a journey of learning to advise on a low fat, high-carb diet to beat cancer using these basic principles. Enjoy! —Mark

It became my desire to share the nutritional capacity to improve health in general, but especially in the treatment of cancer. I came to this from personal experience…

I studied at the University in the early 1980s to become a dietitian, because I was interested in too much malnutrition and wanted to join a helping profession. At that time, cholesterol and fat perception in cardiovascular disease were generally considered to be scientifically elusive and we were fully involved in the low fat diet in almost all health issues. The only exceptions are the use of high-calorie, high-protein foods for under-nutrition (such as overweight or obese patients), and in this case, we recommend using sugar or honey, butter or cream, and other fats. included. and light carbs to increase calorie density in foods.

I have been a Registered Diet for more than 30 years, based on my education most of the time on the standard diet of low fat, high carb diets, fruits and vegetables, low fat meats. Personally, our family has been eating red meat for many years, using turkey “pork,” ground chicken and other processed foods, but avoid beef & pork – and feel good while they are doing.

As a professional, I have spent the last 20 years working in surgery, transferring my services to long-term care facilities. I care for many residents with the consequences of the end of the Common Core (and Canadians) – diabetes, stroke and of course, dementia, vascular and Alzheimer's & # 39; s. It is rare for a resident to have mild osteoarthritis or other mild forms of aging. Most of them & # 39; s young and dying slowly over the years of the "diseases of civilization."

About 10 years ago, I embarked on another nutritional pathway, starting with the ideas of Seth Robert, known as & # 39; Shangri La Diet & # 39 ;, using a flavored oil vaccine to influence the appetite control of the brain. I managed to lose about 18 pounds of intense anger before that time. Shortly afterwards, I discovered Mark & ​​# 39; s Daily Apple and the concept of Basic Food, eating a genetic formula that fits our body. They interacted strongly to me that I was right, although anti tababarkayga all. The power of science has overcome me; however, I spent hours at MDA meetings, reading science debates, success stories, cooking and food planning ideas and MDA community magazines.

About 3 years ago, I & # 39; ve decided that I wanted to take my interest in carbs, fat (LCHF) and start a special practice. To update my knowledge, I have completed the First Health Course Certificate – a highly publicized and in-depth course. As an RD and a member of a Registered Medical Profession, with a control college, I must establish a custom that meets the guidelines.
Professionally, so I started Primary RD in July 2017. Because of my routine, I received no support from local doctors and my access to my small community in Ontario was slow.

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Last summer, I discovered the existence of a large cyst of the ovary and stomach surgery looga on end in late September. The cyst was a light liquid spray, but great, it holds 1.5 liters of liquid (over 50 oz – 6 cups!). Although no one expected it, she turned into cancer at the first stage – ovarian cancer. It was deliberately destroyed in order to extract Laparoscopic looga possible, so this is considered to be a & # 39; & # 39 shed; and a second surgery for hysterectomy and chemotherapy.

I was 58 years old and I was in good health before this test. In fact, a lot of my identity was confined to "healthy" and this unexpected change in "terminal cancer" was a big problem for me. However, as a naturally optimistic and enthusiastic person, I went down to the rabbit hole of research to decide what I could do for myself and influence my health journey. will go back to my good old health.

What I discovered was surprising. Some cancers are no longer considered a genetic disease, but a poor metabolism. That information was first discovered and explained by Otto Warburg in the 1920s, for which he received the Nobel Prize. That this scientific information was lost after its German origin, and that Germany lost World War II. And to bring this important understanding of the metabolic process of cancer back to the light of the past 10 years through the work of dedicated researchers & # 39; s working outside of the medical establishment.

Cancer, although thought to be a genetic disease, considered to be most common in a variety of diseases, has almost universal characterization. Almost all cancers are damaged and malignant in mitochondria, fuel-producing cells that generate energy throughout life. In turn, they produce energy in the pre-fermentation process of the cell cytoplasm, a negative function that is entirely dependent on glucose or glutamine-modulated. Cancer cells do not have the ability to burn fatty acids or ketone bodies. That's their Achilles eradication.

keto cancer

By using a ketogenic diet during chemotherapy, I was able to stop any remaining cancer cells from getting the insulin or high blood glucose. By producing ketones for food and fasting for 72 hours at each chemotherapy administration, I was able to starve to death for the cancer cells of their choice, by giving my body more ketosis, and thus giving my healthy cells adequate fuel. My healthy cells have reduced their metabolism in response to fasting, entering a "state of stress" that escapes the notice of chemical drugs (especially toxins that are quickly absorbed into the cells). This turned out to be very strong in preventing most problems. I did not have nausea, bleeding (vomiting, abdominal injury, nerve damage, muscle aches or pains. I experienced hair loss and bone marrow, 2 weeks of chemo, but these were moderate, and did not require Generally , I went through Chemo for a few days with "little energy", but it was as common as hair & # 39; s.

A friend told me that when I started on the cancer path it seemed that everything in my life so far (being a low carb diet, my PHC, and my love for medical research) prepared me today – that I would be a "dietitian." Keto Cancer Cancer. ” The idea stuck, and love sharing what I've learned how to be a strong nutrition can result in cancer journey.

As I went through chemo, I started writing articles about my experiences and travel so that others could read my story and find hope and understand each of our ability to influence our health, even in the face of the challenges we face such as cancer. diagnosis. I write about my experience on the web site, Powerful Beyond Measure, at

I feel that I have prayed for many reasons. First of all, I have found the bottom line of diet and have a good foundation for good health before I embark on this cancer journey. Second, that I had the knowledge and skills to research the type of metabolism and implement specific nutritional interventions (a ketogenic diet and fasting for treatment) that would influence my chemotherapy experience. And thirdly, I am now able to share that knowledge with others so that we can change cancer and cancer treatment experience better. I am not a “victim” of cancer and I cannot fight my cancer. I am a powerful and effective person in my medical care, positively impacting my response to conventional therapy.

That's what I want to share with others.

Mark has been very generous to share his knowledge of the goal of life to change and that is what I hope to do as well, in terms of Registered Diet, Basic Health Training, lifelong “healthy eating” and cancer. was saved some. I am at the beginning of that journey.

Martha Tettenborn, RD
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada


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