Stuffing bolse healthy – Slender kitchen

Stuffing bolse healthy – Slender kitchen

Healthy Sausage Stuffed Foods made with chicken sausage, corn tortillas, and mashed shells is a simple treat for everyone's favorite meal.
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If I had to choose one thing to eat at Thanksgiving, it would always be my favorite stuff being stuffed with soup and maize. Sweet rye bread with savory soda and some cranberries some of the spirit of Christmas back to me.

That said, one thing I don't like about packaging, especially sausage stuff, is that it can be really heavy. Between all the butter and high-calorie pork sausage, it is a dish that can easily make up to 500 calories per serving. This health option has the same amazing taste but much simpler.

There are several important ingredients in these tasty products. Like all good things, it starts with onions and herbs. This, you will add some chicken sausage. It is important to choose a tasty chicken sausage and this will give it the perfect flavor. You need something tasty. I usually like to use sweet Italian chicken sauce as it has a touch of sweetness and many herbs like fennel, thyme, and sage.

Once it is cooked, it's time to add some fresh herbs. This is another way to build the flavor without too much fat and calories. I like to use fresh herme and sage, but you can add whatever herbs you like. Many people like the use of herbs, bread, or marjoram.

Now is the time for bread. Honestly, I usually find it here and use it for purchased baked bread made with stuff. It saves a lot of time as this is how my mother grew up, it is really my preference. I look for a recipe for bread. You will not need the spice package along with it, just the dried bread. You can also do it by cooking rye bread a few days ago and drying in the oven.

To finish off this dessert, all you need is chicken broth and dried chips. Make sure you choose a chicken that is really tasty. This is another place where you build flavor. Bland chicken soup means spicy spray.

Spicy soup full of crust and the beans in a bowl.

Recipe Features and Ideas

There are many ways you can customize your corn maize recipe and make it your special sandwich.

  • Add nuts: to add a bit of broken seams with seeds, pecans, or almonds. Dried shell around them and you go on a bit further.
  • Try different types of plants: Shrub and remove any new or dry herbs you like. Many people like to add herbs to their screen.
  • Make it tasty: With a selection of spices, choose a spicy Italian chicken sausage. It's a great way to create a little warmth.
  • Use homemade corn bread: If you prefer homemade bread, bake it on a motorcycle a few days ago. Cut into cubes and let them dry. Then scrub it before using the stuffing so it is nice and dry.
  • Bottom-line selection: For low calorie and low-fat selection, you can use 99% of the underground turkey with Italian homemade sausage flavors. You may need to add more tape of butter or some olive oil.
  • Add Vegetables: If you want more veggies, consider adding chopped carrots or bell peppers to onions and other herbs.
  • Keep it healthy: For a healthier version, mix some whole wheat bread or whole grain bread.

Can I go ahead with this?

This can be assembled on the day before and then easily baked on the day of rest. However, I caution you that these items will not look as good as the corn syrup is too moist. So the best option is to simply cook the ingredients 1-2 days in advance and assemble before cooking. Garnish with herbs, onions, sausage, and herbs. Store in an airtight container. Throw in bread, crackers, and chicken broth before baking.

Can I freeze corn tortillas?

In general, the material can be cooled as soon as it is cooked. It will keep for 3-4 months in an airtight container for refrigeration overnight or in a microwave. However, the texture may change slightly as the bread is softened. It will also lose any damage.

A small piece of cornstarch with chicken and shellfish and toast with beans.

How to use homemade corn bread for these ingredients?

If you prefer home-made corn tortillas, start by cooking the corn tortilla 1-2 days in advance. Leave it on the table to dry overnight. Then cut into small cubes and cook at 350 degrees for 25-25 minutes until it is very dry. It should basically be thin, moist with & # 39; m.

Can I make this with & # 39; s garlic?

Absolutely! These items will be great without my wings. Just make sure to add some extra herbs and seasoning as you won't have the sausage to add flavor.