Speedy Fiesta Bean Bowl

Speedy Fiesta Bean Bowl

This is Speedy Fiesta Bean Bowl This recipes were tastefully decorated and decorated.

Foods: Beans, lean tomatoes, red tomatoes, red pepper, and Mexicansa plants create a solid mixture of the filling of hot tortillas and serving the jam, hot sauce and soft brown.

This statement is very simple and quick to do. Quickly, filled with tastes, this trunk will leave you feeling full money!

The Sochi project has agreed.

Today's food was really inspired Frontera Grill & # 39; s Frozen Food Fresh Food: Three Gardens Bowl. I tried a few weeks ago and wanted to create something close to you (and myself!) It consists of beans, beans, fractions, pepper sprouts, rice and some wood. Although rarely eat & # 39; frozen foods, & # 39; I like the idea of ​​the dish: beans and sauces with one's with a few dressing and taste tastes.

(And this is not a poker sponsor, lol, I just like the idea of ​​merchandise, and what inspired me!)

Foods. One of my favorite things about Frontera products is how FAST should be prepared. 5-7 minutes of microwave. So today in the fresco, I'm sure to do some things: fast, full taste. But this diet is made using one skillet, in your machine. Quickly, I cut a few things like rice and pets. But if you have more time, you can add it all. Because skillet plantains are one of the best things ever, right?

I made today's rubbish almost twenty minutes, with the usual stuff I always have the hand. I have chosen to use the cut-off fruits of my bone because I think the frozen greasy is very good. In addition, it reminds me of a few fun things to try to bring you back to you.

The other good things you can add to this call:

– Puree cream sour cream
– guitar or avocado
– Hot sauce
– Vegan animals or other peanut butter as a bird chipotle
– Chopped coconut
– Vegan cheese with yogurt
– Mexican rice
– Skillet skillet
– Sour cream or fresh bottles
– tortillas
– Chips of corn
– Vegetable vegan plant
– pumpkin seeds
– Black and white olive oil
– many things !!

Reminder: Do not forget to get too big summer advertising Good Foods Guacamole. I have details on this blog. I use it Good Foods Enjoy this food to make even faster.

Hopefully you like this book, fruit, health, sweet beans as much as I did!

Kathy Patalsky

Published 06/16/2018

Speedy Fiesta Bean Bowl!

With full taste, this weight can be fast and easy but you would like it.

Its contents

  • 1 15oz can be found on beans, beans
  • 1 14oz may be able to tear down the tomato
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 1 cup cut or unpolished (or new)
  • 2 Movement of the Earth
  • 1 tsp flips the red goggles
  • 2-3 Tbsp Cow nutrition
  • 1 small red, chopped onion
  • 1 Tbsp The science-balanced science vulture
  • salt salt to taste
  • Optional: Hot sauces + Vegan animals or chipotle chips on top


  1. Add oils to a very high temperature heat. When the hot oil is hot, add the red onions. Saute 2-3 minutes until the tender. Add syrup to the end of the time.
  2. Add beans, crushed tomatoes, salsa, nutrients, sweets and red pops. Add a small amount of salt in salt – to taste. Fold slowly to bring it together. Allow to cook for two minutes, until the end of the cracks begin with a foam.
  3. Be warm until the heat. Combine the tomato sauce into one side and add the tampon or other. Press the hot pan to help keep greens. Cover the lid, if you want to jump quickly.
  4. When the greasy is soft and soft, slip gently on the wrapper. Turn off the heat. Make a test of taste and salt to dhadiso if you want some more.
  5. Have your fluid ready for your body. You can also easily remove avocado.
  6. Mix the mixture together with a waste container or avocado – and tortillas.
  7. Finally, the heated heat heated. Feel the bird up and down. This could be the vegan ban, the chipotle vegan island or other vegan or green creams. DIY Food Leverage also works well.

Yield: 2-3 times

Time Preparation: 00 hours. 07 minutes.

Time to cook: 00 hours. 13 minutes.

Time of day: 20 minutes.

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