Soybean oil sticks Oil tea twists, see how good food in Shaanxi is good!

Soybean oil sticks Oil tea twists, see how good food in Shaanxi is good!

Whether you are a single “Wang” or a “” in love, the circle of friends and the various loves on the street are everywhere, pervasive, and invincible. As a member of the Chinese “Wang” Association. Member, today has another title “Overtime Wang”, and it is connected… “XXXXX” is counted, too ugly, simply hit the mosaic! ~

But there will always be happiness and joy in life, isn’t it? Just like Xiu En love is not a patent of lovers, Shaanxi snacks have never been alone, a pair of good food CP solution, health, but also comfortable! This is a long history with the old history of Shaanxi! ~ Hey! Let’s take a walk and see it together! Eat up!

Small editors weakly ask a boss, life winners and “love “, send a red envelope to comfort you? ~

Soya milk stick oil tea twist, see Shaanxi food good CP How to show love!

Boss: You are weak, you are reasonable! ~

“Hey… In this days of abuse, I just want to quietly come to the bowl of cool skin…”

Liangpi + meat folder + ice peak:

The three big scorpions of Baoji cuisine

This is the only pair of CP files that appear third party, as if in recent years Some scientific studies have proved that the romantic relationship of human beings is not limited to one-on-one mode, and there is a lot of room for human beings to develop. This kind of advanced view is not acceptable to everyone, but the cool skin + meat folder + ice peak has always been an exception. Watching them marry for so many years has been harmoniously coexisting, to benefit everyone’s taste buds, OK, Xiaoye watching football hungry will point you!

Hu spicy soup + pot helmet:

One of the most classic breakfast combinations

Soybean oil stick oil tea twist, see how good food in Shaanxi is good!

As the saying goes, open the door three things, drink tea and spicy soup. In the breakfast of Baojiwa, Hu spicy soup played a very important role, a bowl of hot soup, a simmer, poured a little spicy, the taste is really beautiful! Eat a bowl, the whole person’s state is different! ~

How do you say that this time the ice peak is in chaos?

Break + Garlic:

Eating no garlic, absolutely paralyzed!

Baoji people are famous for their love of noodles, good face length, smooth and tough, aroma, and taste is good Full of sour, hot and sour, the so-called noodles do not eat garlic, nutrition reduced by half.

Oil Tea + Twist:

Another classic breakfast, the huge twist looks like it! ~

Soya milk stick oil tea twist, look How to show good love in Shaanxi food!

Oil tea is a specialty snack of Baoji, soak the twist in the oil tea, wait until it is soft and then simmer, then the oily, facial, and With the smell of chewed sesame, almonds and dried peanuts, you can wipe out the hunger together.

Musk Bubbles + Sugar Garlic:

Unmatched, super delicious

Soybean oil stick oil tea twist, see how good food in Shaanxi is good!

A bowl of fragrant mutton soaked in a savory savory squid, surely it’s a step of smashing it into small pieces. A delicious broth, and then a dish of sugar and garlic, is definitely a meal for energy!

Barbecue + Beer:

Delicious food that can’t be missed at night market

Soybean oil sticks oil tea twist, see how good the show is in Shaanxi cuisine!

After the evening, the barbecue smell of the streets and alleys is floating all over the sky. Every time you pass by, there is a kind of impulse that you can’t help but want to come. The barbecue is a delicious snack. It’s fun and addictive, with a bottle of dry beer or nine degrees, it’s called a cockroach! Hey! ~