Smart Health Butler You and your family’s health steward

Smart Health Butler You and your family’s health steward

In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet and smart technology, smart wearable health management devices have been favored by the market. However, how to segment the market and optimize product functions to change people’s lives in the true sense is the subject of the next stage of intelligent health management equipment market.

“Internet +” promotes the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other traditional industries such as industry, finance, and medical health, and the new “ecological integration” of information technology and traditional industries. Positioning is elevated to the height of national strategy. With the emergence of digital health, the government took the lead in promoting the development of digital health and developing Internet-based medical and health services.

Under the push of digital interconnection technology, the medical and health services that people receive will also be presented in a digital and personalized way – interconnected, placing “people” at the center of all health care solutions. On the one hand, the initiative is gradually transferred to the hands of consumers and patients, so that people can understand their physical data anytime and anywhere, thus controlling their own health, providing new ideas for effective management of personal health and prevention of disease.

Smart Health Butler and your family's health steward

People are increasingly in need of personal management to manage their lifestyles and daily behaviors by taking proactive personal health management to prevent disease and improve health. This is encouraged by society. And the development of digital health can help consumers better manage their health in their daily lives.

Recently, Redstone Health has launched a “Smart Health Butler” that truly reaches all-round health concerns, allowing users to monitor health indicators at all times. Different from most wearable products on the market that focus on sports and fitness functions, this smart health butler focuses on daily health management, monitoring body data through multi-dimensional and high-precision, and intelligent health detection and analysis. The market has taken a substantial step.

Smart Health Butler You and your family's health steward

This device is small but complete, it can accurately measure blood pressure index, making it easier and faster for users to know their blood pressure. It can see the changes of blood sugar in real time, effectively reduce the complications of diabetes; measure blood oxygen, measure ear temperature, measure ECG, no longer need to endure the queue of hospital for these physical indicators, let the user know at a glance. Remote monitoring, pay attention to the health of parents at any time; care and responsibility, the body is the capital of the revolution; simple and fast measurement, turn into a baby feeling to build; establish an electronic health file, can connect to the community medical service network, easy to operate. Everything is applied to make your family healthier.

Smart Health Butler

The product has been officially launched in Jingdong crowdfunding. I hope that through this crowdfunding, more people will be aware. It is a great help to the health of a family to the smart health butler. “To make yourself healthy and to make your family healthy” is not only the vision of the research and development team of the smart health butler, “Redstone Health”, but also the thousands of people who love the family. Care for the common expectations of family members!