Simple ways to eat less sugar – News

Simple ways to eat less sugar – News

Sugar is a secretive ingredient in our diet, and if we are not careful, it can lead to a variety of health issues. Too much sugar can not only affect our lungs, it can also have a negative effect on our blood health, energy, mood, gut health and even worse – can lead to an increased absorption. According to data from the USDA, the average American consumes 90 pounds of sugar a year (equivalent to 1.7 pounds a week and 3.9 ounces or 110 grams a day).

When we absorb sugar, the results allow our body to focus on what to do with excess and whether it depends on the muscles or the liver for help. If you are new to exercise and burn too much sugar from your muscles or liver in the form of & # 39; in glycogen, your body will try to store the sugar you just ate in your muscles or liver. When these two options cannot cope with excess sugar, excessive shedding can have serious consequences for our health:

Inflammation: Excessive sugar-induced unnecessary stress in the blood vessels leads to damage to healthy tissues, leading to the production of cholesterol, disturbances of the nerve wall, and increased immunity. Exercising (and limiting) sugar can reduce depression in the body so it can alter your metabolism by tolerating other body fat (or better, to improve health or function).

Save the Fat: The more digestive, glycemic foods increase the production of insulin, which can cause the body to store fat instead of using it. Tracking (and limiting) a glass of sugar can put your body in a fat-burning environment rather than a regular fat-saving substance.

Risk of the heart: Evidence shows that a high diet in sugar causes inflammation, obesity and high triglycerides, all of which are risk factors for heart disease. Research involving more than 30,000 people found that people who ate 17 – 21% of calories from sugary foods had a 38% lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who consumed only 8% of calories from increasing sugar.

Diabetes: High levels of sugar can cause insulin resistance, a hormone that carries the risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Gut issues: Sugar can also affect our health & # 39; s health. When too much sugar is in the digestive tract, it can lead to imbalances in gut bacteria – because it can increase the absorption of harmful bacteria and limit the health of insects. Alterations in the & # 39; microbial scale, coupled with the possibility of inflammation seen in sugar-rich foods is a recipe for a healthy digestive tract.

Signs that you consume too much

Even in our day-to-day life, too much sugar can always cause symptoms that can be easily forgotten or taken as "al & # 39; ada" many things from in us just living together. If you're experiencing any of the below, if it can seem like you're eating too much sugar:

Caffeine Products: More often than not, customers who rely on 2-3 cups of coffee tend to be repeat offenders in their cafe with soda (food or regular snacks), coffee shops and strong drinks. . Your body fights with the sun not just a sign that you are tired. It may be that your food needs a break from sweets (especially hidden ones). When you consume sugar, it melts quickly and quickly builds up sugar before they dissolve. This energy hazard leaves your body in a state of shock and requires insta energy. Enroll: caffeine (or looking for more sugar). First, take down a glass or two of water first, as this will be a great boost to your energy. If you still need self-massage, tea can be a great option without having to come back later. Or, maybe you need some air!

Unexpected loss: Did you know that snacks during your bedtime and / or & # 39; night can be criminal & # 39; about a midnight trip to the bathroom? When we eat before meals (especially those that are not balanced with protein and / or health), the stress we get during the night often results in our body responding to it. So while you think it is your bladder waking you up, maybe it is that the blood sugar chairs you are riding. The best snacks for the night to help wake up calls can be berries and heavy cream, cheese and olives, or herbs with a break or guacamole.

Hope topic: How your skin shows your body health can be explained in a variety of ways: rashes, itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, hives, acne, etc. Instead of stopping by a fitness product or medical method for your next treatment, visit the soup shop instead. Adhering to omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and rich water in addition to absorbing your sugar levels, can be your ticket to ease the cravings.

Ending teeth: This can be like the sensation, "I yearn for sweets ONE day all day!" Or maybe you've recently noticed that your taste buds don't serve the entire cylinder, and the food once loaded with flavor only tastes – so now .This high amount of smoke leads to excess & # 39; s body fat and the need for more sugar to taste.

Poverty: Excessive levels of sugar can be very detrimental to the immune system, and therefore make you more susceptible to influenza, bacteria and viruses. As we know, too much sugar increases inflammation in our body. Our primary immune response is to "turn off the fire" and deal with inflammation, rather than fighting cold.

Dulled sense of taste: Modern American foods are full of sugars – sugars that are not naturally occurring in al & # 39; er (such as in & # 39; ya & # 39; fruits, vegetables and dairy) – a taste of what we are currently experiencing. requires a significant amount of pornography even to be discovered. Try this taste test. Eat a dark chocolate (at least 80-85% cocoa, or cacao). If you can’t taste the taste or make it bitter, you’ve probably got a taste of the aroma.

Unexpected places you get sugar

If you don't eat anything in its natural form, it probably has sugar mixed in. In fact, you & # 39; ve USDA eyes opened the door for food companies to get enough sugar in their diet. From candy and soda to soup, well, and cereals – sugar is added to as many as 40,000 foods and foods at the grocery store. When it comes to places where we commit extravagance, there are some top criminals to watch out for:

Any other drink that gives water: While coffee can be a major culprit in the taste and aroma, we cannot ignore other sugary beverages such as tea, water & # 39; s fruit or drink. . While a new label may lead you to the idea that there are new and healthier new products for these products, the end of the label may tell you otherwise. A sugar-sweetened beverage makes it & # 39; s the same as any glass of wine or a cocktail that can quickly push you on a daily basis. When you have a drink, make sure you choose your preferences wisely and set limits for yourself.

Receive: Whether in an office lounge, grocery store or sometimes a vending machine, many snack options may be healthy but actually full of sugar. Using protein bars as an example, while some bars are healthier than others, many on the market prepare about 30 grams of sugar. Dried or fried eggs, sugarcane, protein shake, olives, or cheese are a great / no-sugar option to choose when a starvation is a hit.

"Healthier" foods: When choosing products like almond milk vs. milk-based milk or peanut butter with highly processed peanut butter, be aware that these ingredients & # 39; s can contain sugar. For walnut milks, choose sugar-free options and choose your cupholders by checking the label for a simple menu of ingredients without adding sugar. Also note a low fat, high calorie diet – when the fat is removed from the diet, it should always be replaced with sugar to taste it.

All we have to do is

To maintain regular physical activity, we need about 5 grams (or 1 teaspoon) of sugar dissolved in our blood. As a daily goal, aim for less than 5% of your calories to be free of sugar. This means that on a 2,000-calorie day, the amount of sugar should be 25 grams (or 6 grams).

Reduce appetite

Eat a large breakfast: What does changing the sugar diet look like? Start with a nutritious diet, which will have a positive effect on your blood sugar, help reduce your hunger and help regulate your hunger and satiety hormone levels.

Food in fat: It is a major source of energy that does not affect both the blood sugar level and the long-term hunger. Olive oil, avocado, cheese, or nuts are great choices.

Find a fiber that complements you: Fill fiber with vegetables or other liquid foods – they do a good job of reducing blood pressure and increasing satiety.

Sprinkle in a little salt: Eat less salt in those foods that are not cooked – if we reduce our intake, our bodies can lose the moisture and moisture, making us feel better – salt salt on the tray or roasted flavors. a drunkard helps us. restore hydration and energy!

Darken: Make it dark – chocolate pleases the same receptors in sugar-rich memory. Find 80% cocoa or above (if you prefer).

Feel your own selfish desires

Get enough: Means at least 7-8 hours per night. Lack of inadequacy can disrupt the sugar production of al & # 39; s. This means your body is more likely to increase your sugar intake directly in the middle of your period.

Stay in the water: Do you have water? Most Americans do not have when thirst first comes in, we can often mistake it for starvation and reach the nearest cup. In fact, if we use sugar in an attempt to quench our thirst for biology, & # 39; drink & # 39; she will not tire.

If you are satisfied with food, eat it If your diet is not satisfied with the snack, you will need to eat a full, balanced diet or work out your other diet as much as possible to satisfy the appetite regarding the snack.

If you have questions about your blood sugar levels or would like to put on a personalized formula that will help you reduce your diabetes, reach out to our Registered Life Registration office to get started.

Anika Christ, registered dietitian and Weight Loss of Digital Programming & Events

This article is not designed for treatment or prevention of disease, as an alternative to medication, or on behalf of a physician. The usefulness of the suggestions in this and other contexts lies in the choice and risk of the reader.