Should you pay attention to the diet of patients with lung cancer?

Should you pay attention to the diet of patients with lung cancer?

The diet of patients with lung cancer should pay attention to it? Lung cancer is a kind of disease with high incidence in the world, and its mortality rate is also high. Patient friends need active treatment once they are discovered. And in the treatment of the diet method also need to pay attention, then the lung cancer patients should pay attention to the diet? Let’s take a look.

 Should you pay attention to the diet of patients with lung cancer?

What should you pay attention to in your lung cancer patients?

1. Balanced diet, eat less and eat more meals

It is impossible to exert anti-cancer effects by relying on one kind of food alone, but if they are properly matched, the effect will be completely different. For patients with lung cancer, the medical profession now advocates a balanced diet, eating less and eating more meals, and every meal is full.

2, 5 fruits and vegetables per day

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and phytonutrients. More choices of red, orange, dark green vegetables, more with an edible mushroom that can increase immunity, lung cancer patients can eat more tomatoes, citrus, loofah, strawberries, grapes, green peppers, asparagus, eggs, chicken liver, beans, spinach Lettuce, etc.

3, eat less cooked food, reasonable cooking methods

The potential carcinogens in bacon and bacon itself will increase the risk of cancer, and the cooked food contains food additives for lung cancer patients. Diet and nutrition are not beneficial. Boiled, roasted or baked at high temperatures will cause some carcinogens to form in the meat, while steaming, boiling and stewing are relatively safe.

4. Eat less sugar

Patients with poor lung function should not eat pure sweet foods. You can choose a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet to help reduce your respiratory load.

5, supplement nutrition

Erely supplemented enteral nutrition preparations and products, such as lung-specific enteral nutrition powder, whole-supported vegetarian powder, yogurt, whey protein powder, and more Vitamins and the like are beneficial to improve the nutritional status of patients with lung cancer.

Introduction to lung cancer diet:

What should you pay attention to in your diet?

(1) Honey Runfei Zhike Pills

Exposed hive, silkworm aliquots, honey amount. The 3 kinds of medicines are ground and refined into pills. 2 times a day, 6 grams each time. Efficacy of lungs and phlegm, scattered swelling and swelling. Applicable to lung cancer cough.

(2) Licorice, Sydney, and pig lungs

10 grams of licorice, 2 Sydney, and 250 grams of pig lung. The pears are peeled and cut into pieces, and the pig lungs are washed and cut into pieces, squeezed out of the foam, and placed in a casserole with licorice. Add a little sugar, and take a small amount of water for 3 hours. Once a day, it has the effect of moistening lungs and removing phlegm, which is suitable for coughing.

(3) rock sugar almond paste

15 grams of sweet almonds, 3 grams of bitter almonds, 50 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar. Sweet almonds and bitter almonds are soaked in soft water, smashed with glutinous rice, water and rock sugar to make thick porridge, once every other day. It has the functions of moistening the lungs, relieving cough and relieving asthma, and moistening the intestines.

(4) Ginkgo jujube porridge

25 g of ginkgo, 20 jujubes, 50 g of glutinous rice. Ginkgo, red dates, and glutinous rice are cooked together. Early and late fasting warm clothes, detoxification and swelling.

(5) White simmered bird’s nest

9 grams of white peony, 9 grams of bird’s nest, the amount of crystal sugar. The white pheasant and the bird’s nest are stewed in water, and the slag is filtered. Add some sugar to the seasoning and then cook for a while, 1 or 2 times a day. It has the functions of nourishing the lung and nourishing yin

(6) Ginkgo steamed duck

200 grams of ginkgo and 1 white duck. Ginkgo is shelled, boiled and boiled, and then peeled, boiled, and then mixed with boiled water to kill the boneless duck. Add the clear soup and steam for 2 hours until the duck meat is cooked and eaten. Can be eaten regularly, with tonic and asthma, diuretic swelling. It is suitable for patients with advanced lung cancer, wheezing, weakness, and phlegm.

(7) Schisandra stew

50 grams of Schisandra, duck or pig lean meat. Schisandra is steamed or stewed with meat and added to the seasoning as appropriate. Meat, medicine, soup, clothing, lung and kidney, cough and asthma, suitable for patients with lung cancer and kidney deficiency.

 Should you pay attention to the diet of patients with lung cancer?

(8) lotus seed chicken

15 grams of lotus seeds, chicken or duck, pork amount. Lotus seeds are involved in the meat stewing, and the seasoning can be added as appropriate. Take it regularly, supplement the lungs, benefit Qi, and produce fluid. Applicable to lung cancer and blood deficiency.

(9) Winter melon skin broad bean soup

60 grams of winter melon skin, 60 grams of winter melon seeds, 60 grams of broad beans. Put the above food into the pot and add 3 bowls of water to a bowl, then add the appropriate seasoning and serve to the slag. Efficacy dehumidification, water, swelling. Suitable for patients with lung cancer who have pleural effusion.