Sharing: Using the US negotiative system has led to the drug price

Sharing: Using the US negotiative system has led to the drug price

This month, thousands of people who take Humira in order to control diseases and diseases and diseases of the virus can be able to access antibiotics in Europe. This is because some levels of biosimilars are selling European markets, giving patients in more than two dozen extra money for the care they need. Unfortunately, the American people will not be happy.

According to a new study by the organization, Humid Designer issued US permission over drug abuse over a period of time by delaying the delayed racing and giving AbbVie a chance to keep its prices. Humira has 247 patent applications in the United States, compared with 76 in Europe. Nearly 50% of the Uranium Consumer Application Applications sent in the last four years, although drugs have been in the market since 2002.

Why should an old medical practitioner make new certificates? Simple: power control. More certificates mean that many years a lot of companies can carry their goods and charge what they want.

Many US migrants often need help-faster. To stop the increase of drugs, we need to stop the drug using the signal system that will allow them to expand their age and show more than 20 years of legal cost.

Below is a great example. From 2012 to 2016, as AbbVie relied on certain certificates, the company raised a rate of 18 percent annually. The summit in Medirare and Medicaid at this time increased by 266%. AbbVie's strategy for corruption has allowed her to expand the United States to at least 2023.

For the company, prices appear: Humidity produces nearly two-thirds of AbbVie's cash, generating $ 100 billion in sales since 2002. Each year the US patent protects US $ 12.4 billion, or $ million 34 a day. For US patients, taxpayers, insurers and public health workers, however, benefits are not good. The United States plans to spend more than $ 14 million in Humira over the next five years,



But the submission is not limited to Humira. A recent discovery of I-MAK found that 12 chemicals sold in the United States nearly 125 application applications per medication, provided almost 38 years of effort to expire. Since 2012, 11 of these major salesmen increased by 80 percent. Americans have killed more than anyone in the world on treatment in the main part because drug users use power to charge too much in the beginning.

The company's pharmaceutical profession claims that its operations continue to improve health care and that it offers some to the rising price and insists that good competition will prevent growth. Martin Shkrelis's world, however, clearly states that the use of the equipment as a cure for the drug is the name of the game – the "characteristic characteristic" – and these certificates are important to this system. AbbVie's senior executives issued a copy of the certificates for investors at Wall Street last month when he said: "We've worked well with your system and our community and community around the United States to delay the first secret of Humira during 2022-23. "

Another major protection indicator can be a good investment for investors, but useful services have a lot of life. Americans make unnecessary sacrifices to get the drugs they need. They say that drug prices are too many, that Washington is not so much, and that drug users are "very effective" in the capital.

Congress can start hearing by listening to people about the violence in conflict. How to use medications using the medications used should stop it, and patients and advocates should qualify for more information in the signal system. Patents are crucial to achieving results on new creativity, but if they become tools to control the markets, reduce competitiveness and avoid cost pricing, we have a problem.