Risks of Marijuana in Shari'a and HHS Emphasized

Risks of Marijuana in Shari'a and HHS Emphasized

The HHS High Commissioner for Prevention of the Bad Things calls for great efforts to inform state states of the risk of health over a period of time when some states are legally binding.

Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz, deputy secretary of health care and use of equipment in the HHS, demanded participants in the Affiliate Content and the Public Health Care Scheme and states about the health of marijuana. Katz, leader of SAMHSA, stated that marijuana today has THC calculations, which involves psychoactive in marijuana which has influenced her mental impact, compared to the last 20 years.

"It's time to take care of the issue, but you can help with this," McCance-Katz said to listeners, anti-immigration officials and leaders. "There must be a lot of change to change this at this time."

THC's use of marijuana in the 1990's was 4%, but increased to 12% in 2014, McCance-Katz said, reflecting the 2015 study.

"There is a risk and a bad result of marijuana, which experts are becoming less and more cautious," she said. "There are grandchildren, gymnastics, motor explosions … and temptations."

A recent study in Colorado found that after a baby's cigarette marijuana once the baby smoked fossil drugs through milk milk for up to six weeks.

So far, 33 states have agreed that the state law enforcement laws and state states and the states of Columbia have the right to use sports. Marijuana continues to be under the federal law, but neither the US nor the US has imposed law enforcement in the states that allow drugs to use sports.

Many countries are legally licensed, with New York's new law to investigate the matter.

An audience asked McCance-Katz if the Board of Directors had done something to prevent the use of marijuana and federal law enforcement. McCance-Katz replied that it would be a problem for the Ministry of Justice to investigate.

"Marijuana is so good now that from the medical level I'm trying to help reduce the problem and tell people about the risk," she said. "This is what I can say about it."