Right Dragon: Camellia incarnation “cash tree”

Right Dragon: Camellia incarnation “cash tree”

right dragon: camellia avatar

“On the first day of the new year, the income is more than 20,000!” On January 1st, Weiyou “fueled for health” in the circle of friends and friends to squeeze tea seed oil and sell tea seed cake pictures When I said happily, “This year’s tea seed cake is 2.6 yuan a pound, a pound is 6 hairs more than last year.”

“For the health,” is the director of the right dragon Wuyoujian organic tea oil plant, On the same day, Zhang Guangwu, the party secretary of the Long Village Party Branch, sold more than 20,000 yuan of tea seed cake for more than 20,000 yuan.

According to the introduction, Camellia oleifera is a special woody oil crop in southern China, which has a history of two thousand years of planting. Tea seed oil and olive oil, oil palm, and coconut are also called the international four woody oil tree species. This year, the right-handed oil tea in the right dragon area is sold for 2 yuan per kilogram. According to the calculation of 20 kilograms of fresh fruit and a pound of oil, the price of tea oil can be sold at a minimum of 55 yuan per kilogram. The other tea seed shell contains tea saponin, tea seed polysaccharide, tea seed protein, etc., which are raw materials for industries such as chemical industry, light industry, food, feed industry, etc., and can also be made into furfural and activated carbon. Alkaline water made from ash from tea seed shell has natural antiseptic effect and is an essential additive in local snacks. Camellia is a treasure, and a camellia tree is a “cash tree.”

“Now, every household in the left and right Long Village has a tea oil (about 300 kg of dried oil tea seeds for one squeeze, about 80 kg of oil). There is more than 1.4 million in the whole village. Yuan.” Zhang Guangwu said happily.

Source: Crane urban and rural areas

Author: Sheng Hongbing