Relationship Week – Edition 42

Relationship Week – Edition 42

Investigation of the Week

Findings from a new meta-analysis of vitamin D studies: D3 better than D2, D for cancer prevention.

Keto looks like a great prospect for cancer.

Babies born with a genetic disorder of & # 39; celiac & # 39;, eating too much gluten on average increases the risk of developing & # 39; celiac & # 39;

Animal milk is the best environment for plant milk.

Social exclusion makes room for darkness.

The First Blueprint Podcast

Episode 364: Carnivore and Cancer: host Brad Kearns investigates the relationship between carnivore diet and cancer.

Episode 365: Paul Robinson: Host Elle Russ talks to thyroid expert Paul Robinson.

Episode 366: Keto Q&A, plus Carnivore Rationale: Brad Kearns hosted your question & # 39;

Primary Health Training Radio, Lesson 22: Erin and Laura welcome Brad Kearns by mail.

Each week, select the blog addresses of Mark & ​​# 39; s Daily Apple is prepared as a Blueprint Post. Need to keep reading, but don't have time? Do you like to listen to articles while you are traveling? Check out the new Post Podcast on the site, and download the Primary Blueprint Podcast here so you never miss an event.

Media, Schmedia

C. diff really enjoy sugar in human food.

NPR provides a beautiful rundown of the & # 39; local festivities that her & # 39; s feed her.

Interesting pages in Blogs

How long does it take to create a bike?

Here's what happens when you ignore experts.

How meat affects the environment.

Everything else

What is it like to be a bad morning person?

Calorie death.

Another popular study is biting the bitch.

The bronze-based diet involved a lot of warm, juicy, and low-carb worms.

They had to be flour.

My readers in Germany: the meat tax may be coming.

Want Neanderthal survival courses in Italy?

Join the resistance.

Humans are storytellers from the cloud of the world of chaos.

Things that are mine and what I am interested in

Podcast I enjoyed doing: Basic Secrets, talking business, longevity, fasting, and keto.

In a letter I found it interesting: "Local Animals and Their Role in Climate Change"

I was surprised by a study: A weight-bearing helmet seems to be able to reduce belly fat.

I'm not disappointed but I'm not surprised: Investigators are working on "loneliness pills."

I say for years: Because drinking lots of water is not the best way to wash water.

Question I am asking

When did the experts neglect you?

Recipe section

  • Chicken chickens really give chicharrones their way for their money.
  • After serving the cracks as a food item, make this recipe & # 39; BBQ & # 39; with Hawaiian coleslaw.

Time for capsule

One year ago (August 11 – August 17)

  • How Much Protein To Take: What Is Important, How Much To Eat, And What My Ages Look Like Now – All More And More.
  • River Weights: Are They Right? – Do you use it?

Weekly Comment

"I had a 4-year-old family in my family in Greece and if they had given blood, it would have been 90% olive oil and 10% lunatic juice."

– Looks like you've found a marketable product there, Mike.

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