Reading week, 12.30.18 Further Assistance

Reading week, 12.30.18 Further Assistance

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I have read many articles on Pema Chödrön about the Arabic language lessons recently. One of the stories she keeps with me is:

Tonglen movement (and all thoughts of action) is not later, when you get together and you are really honest with this person. You can be the strongest in the world – that's a good place to start. This is a very satisfying place to start with juice. You can be the most depressed person in the world, the world's largest in the world, the most person in the world. You may think that there are no other people who live in the area of ​​your life while you are doing it. All is a good place to start. Where you are – that's where you can start.

It seems to be a good idea to correct the new year, when even those of us who do not do much to celebrate NYE are thinking about the end and starting and starting new things.

In fact, the marker repeats itself more than once. Begin where I am going to treat every new moment of opportunity that I have faced in life with regard to the new concept-it's in the heart that I've been feeling over the past few weeks, like my conversion to the hospital and on vacation.

When I interviewed the DI programs, are repeatedly told that the most important quality of a strong nutrition training was difficult. She was confused at this time: I was expected to hear other ways, such as critical thinking, attitudes, or respect.

Currently, the first 15 weeks of the DI program is behind me, I know why it's going to endure. The year requires a constant change. Many things do work when they are working, but what's happening outside of the church's daily work – adapting to new concerts and newcomers of the patients, ready to work on any of the prestigious schedules, quickly too it is important. And it's a lot more flexible than anything else.

Flexibility, of course, is far from being one of the unpopular powers of any kind. The loss, of course, but I think that DI helps me to improve a little bit. The therapist told me a long time ago I had a lot of response from my time and I had to control it, and that this would always be complicated, because the control (or worse) becomes one of my strengths. It was true and in my last years my life was working hard for me to release my craft, softening, and moving to the process of things. It's good for me, but I feel lost in the power, not necessarily so often ("exclusively" to use another word for Chödrön).

As a matter of fact, it is ongoing. Sometimes I walk without trying. Sometimes it can not be light or flexible, the opportunity to simply delete it is a psychological feeling about a relaxed / cool / disgusting day. What I really feel is when I move to these countries very quickly – in other words, when the morning frustration is not impossible at the "bad day".

This was, I remember, a great fight for ED recovery: my experience can be summed up fast, rather than writing a story about how it would be a bad day or for a few weeks because of bad things happened to the food. It took me a long time, but I came to the point where I would be weakening the days, but I feel respected, balanced, and respected by the dictator. And, like many other things, the skills I learned about ED recovery are now being cultivated in my other life.

In the last few weeks of my hospital I had fallen in the place of risk and sadness. I felt a lot of power and skill in some cases, totally disgussing others. In the past, every minute of the same balance may be produced and reinforced with my desire to control and not solve the problem. With full DI, I do not have time to absorb the type of chest. I have to come back quickly to feel tired, rape or watchman.

So I did. When the situation feel sad or stiffness, or a little bit, I took a little to breathe, to enter my body, I feel well. I was invited to resume. I also invited to believe that the possible resilience was possible. Sometimes they felt a little compulsive. It always feels like a kind of "fake-to-do."

However, there are many experiences about "fake-to-do" – the least trust pattern, the small nature and actions can sometimes cause internal changes (instead of the other way). We are never sure we can shake a heavy or anxious condition when I invite myself to breathe and move as I can. Often, though, it worked.

Now I invite you to believe that this persistent experience can be with me outside the DI in early January, and then through the next summer. We will continue to do so, and it will be. When the new year comes, I want myself – what I want everyone who needs it – it's believing that every minute, new breath, is an opportunity to start again. The new beginning does not need to look at a particular model, and they do not need to improve their performance. They are the evidence of the evidence, and they can take many different types, day-to-day methods.

By 2019, I celebrate everything and every opportunity I have seen and do for all. I thank all the good in life – friends, family, food, especially my body. I wish you all the light, the joy, and the timing of the restoration of the New Year's New Year, and always.

And now, some foods read!


What is a beautiful, natural bread, which is soft to milk without milk.

I'm all about delicate soft foods like this: one old modern brand called French pepper powder.

Many soup! Tomato potatoes all of chickpeas cheesy roasted cheesy.

And now, for some good berries, start with this softness and dijon butternut sauceut bags & baking baking.

Finally, it is a delicate soft and vibrant springboard from Finland: the Finnish gratabaga.

Read it

1. HDL measles are considered "cholesterol", and a strong body of evidence that the very low levels of HDL are actually associated with a higher risk of heart disease. A new study, though, shows that high levels of HDL can also be a problem, which means that the relationship between HDL and the risk of cardiovascular disease is known as & # 39; U-shaped & # 39; This is American Scientific Blog discusses interesting results!

2. One of the most painful, yet most of the major barriers for childhood cancer and cancer treatments is that fertility can be changed permanently. New cryopreservation codes that are frozen in some parts of the ovaries, rather than getting their own eggs – can give children's cancer patients. Agent share details.

3. The topic of cancer and other natural diseases, Boston Globe practitioners working in the past, many ways to diagnose the disease.

4. In the autumn, I am witnessing the most important role of patient care for people in need. Here's how Washington Post The article is clear, many people in this country can not get technical care because they have no insurance or insurance. The umbrella will provide you with an important health theme.

5. Also from Washington Posta great idea about how people can be better prepared for the development of natural disasters. I love the diversity of the author's intentions and the lifestyle of life – I think most of the food and nutrition changes go down in the back, which is why strong support and tolerance are crucial!

New Year's New Year, early, friends. Send love. And all the people may live, and be glad.


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