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Five or more years ago, I was sitting in my DC home with my girlfriend in the late Reed winter. We were surrounded by dirt tricks (we actually saw photos of coffees in washing machines such as jokes, to record non-conventional caffeine), cardboard, paper. It was a bitter look, and I add a chaos like the same thing in a mildew and can not be able to identify the genetic problem.

We welcomed the second test of the genetic material. The first test was admonished: then it was used to test the Cs after the test bags, but most of them were not, and they felt in the classroom when the review was restored. Somewhat better, some of us are badly hurt by others.

For me, it was not the only very high level of emotional sensation even though I could not take the rest of the program. And I hate the idea that I will spend another semester with a heavy burden that I buy myself on the next test, or else I'm writing a grade in my writing that I can not recover.

Reed and we tried to prepare them for the best. He was quiet and organized forever; He presented his work plan and a copy of the device, detailed details of card details. The truth was not a surprise: Reed was a really talented student, in fact, he seemed historically capable of everything. He ran the end of the marathons last weekend and drove a little darker when he reached the nearest level in our program and we continue to work on a full-time shirt. It was not even possible to defame all power and power, because the highest was a really good person – and unusual friendship.

Me? I did not hold our study meeting very well. After the fourth or fifth point on the wrong side of the problem, I asked Reed to respond easily to me. "Hada tell me how to do it, "I missed it." When I know, I get the answer and I'll show you. "

Reed has shaken his head hard. "You have committed a little bit to get the answer," he said. "You will not know until you know."

I tried to try to criticize that we did not play this fight, and refused to buy. "I want to stay here until you are working," he said. (It was in the early overnight).

I'm tired and upset to find a form of a friend, but Reed has worked. After an hour, I solved the problem and explained to him my language. It was not a test or lesson, but it was probably the original post of the post post, and there were many who followed.

I think Reed's words every time I feel I'm well equipped to deal with it. I'm thinking of how he was sure, if I had spent enough time, I would have thought about the problem. The biggest obstacle of bag-bag was not the problem of classroom, or the pressure of work, or even even sleeping. It was my belief, and seemed to be confirmed in every poor classroom, that we have no mind in science. Reed is believed in another, his faith was softened by no confidence.

This week, I started the second round of treatment. It's a big hospital, and I'm working on urgent care. It's a fast and faster environment with my first regression. I learned how to use the tablet control over the last week, but now I'm experiencing a lot of health complications than most people I've seen. It's so sad, and I do not complete the assessment myself, I am surprised if I have the important ideas to do.

I will return to Reed on that night and remind myself that depression and self-esteem can be a great challenge for a lack of knowledge or skills. I keep in mind that every nutritionist is going through this experience; My guards now have done, too. We must imagine that no one feels ready, or the power, the beginning. Arbitrators do the best effect, and consultants are to guide, support and teach the way.

Once in my last one, one of my referees stated that I was still uncertain about the assessment of my assessment. It was right: I still feel that I am not ready for many health posts as a reaction to food, the translation of the blood. "Take a break," she said. It was uncontrolled; she continued to explain that she corrected me and explained my mistake if needed. But I wanted to try.

She wanted this, I know, because she was her job to help me become more confident. And with confidence, at least the types of places in these areas, are not or are not. It has been practiced in practice, trying and sometimes it happens and then tries to do more. My article gave me the pressure that Reed gave me five years ago.

Today, at the beginning of the week 2, I give you a click. I do not think that we will implement the decision & # 39; in the case of the clinic this week, but I am confident that I try to try. That's one of the best things about my last round told me in the beginning, "What we're really looking for is growth." I can grow; I can grow.

I wish you all the great Sunday, and the good start of the week. I have a fresh fruit soup and you've been to a few days. Now, here are some links that I enjoy.


Can I spice herbs always, but the walnut cream? What is a very good idea (and very good videos) and my friend Erin!

Has anyone else started collecting food for the gratitude yet? The cooking of this vegan is on my list!

I like the idea of ​​a little fruit, and its specialty is completely stable. Cash bonuses for vegetable protein obtained from black beans.

We can not wait to try the winter apples, black oil and potato salad with some tofu oven.

Finally, this amazing candy is: Black vegetable juice with greenery cream. I am not an adult, but this may be a pleasant and enjoyable way

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5. I'm not a mother, but as my breasts were involved in mental illness, I really am thankful to Alissa Ambrose for writing this post.

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