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Watch December, friends!

It was a very poor place this month, as the past week was full of personal violence. I was tired of the behavioral behavior that arose me from the worst of my temper and disgusted to me even though I did not want to write.

Here is an exciting story: I have been directly involved in many repeating conversations – returning to the imaginative and stereo ways – with a unbearable and unbearable attitude. This is not a very conscious choice, which is new.

The change has everything about my current situation. I spent the first seven weeks of working with a large number of patients close to the end of life. I am currently working on urgent care, often with the ICU. Every day it gives me a great reminder of my time is over. My first impression, early this time, was to stimulate more interest for other people. I have had more tests that life is too short and my friend is.

So, at the end of the week, when I normally sat down in anger, I did not do it. In contrast, I've been thinking about some of the tips I've heard about building optimism, that you should treat yourself as a baby. I'm on my soul. I searched and looked closer to my issue. I searched my sources of ideas and ideas for this week, and acknowledging what we might be confused by some of the confusion so that we can respond to the unique old ways.

I learn, and I am honest. That's the best I can do. As every week I go I'm not interested in having time to shame or blame for a long time, it is interested in the whole business.

Here are you to move, to stay strong, and to congratulate you for a new week with a sense of hope. Here, too, are just plain readers who read today.


Derin has created the soft bread of my dreams, with apple pie.

Amanda oil is an accident, but it looks amazing.

Savory (vegan) Fruit Vegetables! Alissa is a brain, usually.

In this case the white and the white is the type of winter, veggie-packed, nutrient nutrient.

What is the beauty of the holidays: Imagine the small gingerbread camel.

Read it

1. Eating is much smaller than infants compared to adolescents, but the results of this new study for children 9-10 are interesting. In the team, which is known as the EDs, the widespread is like boys and girls. The diversity of ethnicity will be visible between the age of 13-18, when EDs are more women than men. Researchers do not end in conclusions, but this could be the beginning of more research-based interviews on the risk factors for growth.

2. Brit Trogen, Bellevue Hospital in New York City, issued a silent message New Amsterdam (based on Bellevue). I really do not see the show, so I can not talk about the important refusal, but I am interested in the article because of my current and current look at the hospitals and the challenges they face.

Although we know that there are many doctors who are good and there provide a restriction or care for the poor, and I met some kulamadahayga khadadkaas – experience in the intensive care until now was mainly doctors, nurses, PTs , social workers, dietians, nurses, and other staff are doing the best, often limited time and resources. So I understand some Trogan issues about the nature of the problem of doctors by the way they are broken because the system is so complicated and unsatisfactory. More about health care needs a change, but the doctors themselves can not always change.

3. One of the most common, I think, unjustified injustice is to focus on animal care to clean up the power of others. In other words, it is the idea that strengthening and engagement is a source of funding, with a lot of involvement.

Speaking of this debate, scientist Mark Beckoff interviewed Dr. Sarah Bexell, "People helping people to see and recognize that humans, other species, and natural resources are completely connected." I like what it says, this:

Allow yourself to love everyone, and I mean all individuals, including ours, and this wonderful and beautiful place I have ever called home.

4. We enter the maximum of the holiday season. It is not uncommon for people to feel normal at this time of year, and it is one of those who do it. Most of my feelings are to turn Instagram down so I feel a lot of interconnected, but I find that social media is a packed box when it's empty: sometimes it seems helpful, and at other times shows my feelings & # 39; doomin

A new study shows that more time for social media can actually trigger a peak, a good reason for linking social media programs to cautious this month (and overall).

5. Finally, as the topic today, Margie Warrell is concerned about the intelligence and the importance of cruelty.

We look forward to all the early care and care this week, and very happy Sunday.


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