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My next layout in the neighborhood – I will announce Glen, who recently disappeared. I'm not sure when. I knew it was not good for a long time, based on our rhythms and the voice of a cough through the roadway we shared at night. In the last few months I suspect that things may have come back, not seeing or hearing. But I was not sure he had left my company since the start of the day that he had been working in the kitchen this week.

Glen was always pleased with me. "How is the nutrition world?" He would ask me this time when he saw that we were wearing our brownstone stairs, or passing him on the hallway. He had a discussion on food, words and printed products, which he also worked occasionally. Glen is a soft spot for Steven, as well as, again, when he came together. He always asked after graduation from Steven and his plans for the future, I remember the tragic sadness that went through his face when I told him that Steven had gone, and I would live my life right now.

Life in New York is always difficult. There are always people who are close, and also easy to eliminate & # 39; and – especially those of us who seem to have to go through or get into trouble when something is harmful to us .

Glen and I slept less than a hundred pounds anywhere over the course of four years, and I did not interfere in such a tradition as traditional behavior: I'm less than a little about him, from small arms and parts shared I brought food, but only once or twice. We rarely check it out, even when the water has gone out, or the heat was lazy.

Glen had a lot to say, when he started talking. Now I remember sometimes that I meant to be raped when I saw, even if I was not, because I was not in the mood or sense of the story. I am very little time to ask anything else "something new?" Or "how were you?"

I know this is how they are. Many of us feel that our time is small, or our energy is far away, and we act accordingly. But since I've learned about Glen this week, I can not help, but I feel confused with those who have met, with the lack of 'missing' about the door to a few steps away from me. Time is small, but not the way I think it is. It is the life itself, and the experience of life, that is very expensive. It is not every minute of my life that is too busy.

It's Thanksgiving this week. The holiday has a lot of complex associations for us, but the spirit of the day is to recognize our prosperity. It will be a quiet holiday as a dinner plan and a TV program for moms-but now it's the day that is so high in my heart.

I thank my good luck for my life, the first and foremost. I am thinking of how to respect the blessings I have for myself and my time so that I can work now. It's not a movement, but with small, cruel actions: warm laugh, my friends, who say, "I love you" instead of allowing me.

I am thinking of as much as the need to be offered to others, rather than allowing me to always wear me and me. . . the product. The activity is ongoing, but if there is something I can do to recognize my neighbor, it should be neighbor with other people, every word of the word. I have five weeks since I left out of the emergency care system, and if there is a place to study for the absence, it will be there.

I hope all of you feel well this week. Starting tonight, with my love and thanksgiving and the identification of time you take to visit this site. Thank you. Here is the weekly diet and reading.


The true love of the pre-Thanksgiving dish is going on! At this time we are busy with Lindsay & s creamy salad potato with salad salad with a salad bar.

It is not a thank-you group, per se, but better, purposeful, easy-to-cook lemon peer from my close friend.

Loving this chile tomato vegetable juice with confidential bean confectionery beans! What kind of diet of my diet is #.

A simple, simple, natural nature that has been affected by local NYC food.

Finally, Sophia continues to be able to afford the latest Vegan foods! At this time, she leaned on the coconut sauce for the balance of herbs, herbal milk products.

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5. Post the lighting, a list of interesting and clever suggestions for tips before Thanksgiving.

I know that Thanksgiving, like other holidays, can be made up of mixed feelings and experiences. If you're celebrating this Thanksgiving this week, I hope you enjoy peace and self-care, especially meet or shared. I would like to nourish you all the time.


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