Read More Weekly Reading

Read More Weekly Reading

Read More Weekly Reading

I am sending this holiday this week from the World Sunday, which will also happen on Sunday. These two meanings mean that you have declined the words, but at the end of the week-not short of words – I left some ideas.

Two of these are not my ideas. They are dreams and visions that readers are so kind and good to share with me. Libby wrote,

I do not know we've done all we can do. We have growth changes and delays, return to something. I think many of us have finally reached a point where some of the things we do not really do. We will not allow it. On the other hand, we must find ways of solving problems and dealing with things like the way through to the back noqnoqonno worse we thought we had won, we have new ways of addressing problems early looga.

What a sincere, valued, and truly meaningful way of continuing our work, recognizing that the feeling of feeling feels but not really. We return to our products with a new vision, or a part of us is enough for things that may have been detrimental to the past. Libby's words made me think about Pema Chödrön's story (which I am sure she had already shared, so forgive her):

We think that the problem is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that things are not really resolved. They come together and split. And they come together again and again. It's like this. Healing comes from each of these: sadness, relief, sadness and happiness.

Rebecca's recall, ED,

For me, the hardest – but also the most important – part of the process & recovery; & # 39; and & # 39; hygiene & # 39; has come to understand that, in fact, recovery and well-being are sometimes involved in the right way to explain: one of the front legs of the other side though there is a struggle. It is natural that we do not want to fight, but it is not really natural.

There are so many here, too. In the rest of my recovery, I often think of how it works, how it feels, the direct way to go and the continuing business in my body even if the previous sounds shout. It is very little in terms of what I thought about my future relevance experiences, but I came to thank her as she needs to face everyday when things get to go. And I can rely on this – go to silence to continue.

Immediately, I met again at the moment I met the post-baccess student. After that, for the first time in my life, I was not able to control it. I am not really emotionally or emotionally, as well – we are good at recovering. But even if I would like to be very loose to cut off the later parts or be selective about what I would like or eat, I really can not. There was a lot of dangers, and I was asked too much and asked for me to spill my energy savings.

That is the case now. Even if the love is not kept on the back of my feet, DI demands that adequate nutrition control is not an option. We need fuel, and we need food such as comfortable sources and help, too. I am also a "control" of my diet service, but now, control is even a choice. It's confusing and unlucky with, as well as free, too.

These are my thoughts. And talking about DI, it's time to prepare for a new week for my work and education. Wanting to be good – and here's the diet and reading of the eye in the last seven days.


Who does not need a soft amount of sugar, sweet sugar sweet?

I'm dying to make Jenn's tuna spaghetti in the next meal.

I like the change of nickel tofu and tofu super tufu in a saturated dish.

These small problems with black apples are easy. I really think they will be a nice breakfast for me!

And for sweets, & # 39; not sure how long a season for a cupcake.

Read it

1. A good view of how our good work for excellence in the arts, full-time days can protect us from the deeper human experience.

2. A beautiful article about what poetry can be learned by the doctors.

3. An exciting details of the psychologist trying to implement international mental health care.

4. Important note-the one we need this week-like the practical and practical mistakes (the desire to "bad" something) must learn new skills.

5. Finally, the track and field athlete Lauren Fleshman sent a letter to her young boy. Once I read, I understand why – so much compassion and encouragement to read.

Happy Sunday, friends. This week, a beautiful, beautiful selection of jewelery!


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