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Read More Weekly Reading

After a week later, it feels like it has been since I checked at the end of the week! It's good to go back. And I'm going back to the beginning of the long holiday between the DI cycle. However, still degeynin, but hopeful some rest, some cooking, and time with Ashley, come next week.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about riding a bad dysmorphia in the body, and I've been quite upset for a long time. After three weeks, the issues are different. However, it has not yet come under the pressure, but it is less hot and irritated. I can not contact my food that I built in the recovery, which has become my custom in recent years. But not really, too. I will renew it.

One of the fact that it comes out is that dysmorphia is unprotected – how it is used. Yes, some of the cookies know. There is no doubt that the change and disruption of the control and control of the DI has been affected. However, now, I see that my problem is that my skin has been respected for the condition, the relationship, and the incorrectness. I did not register correctly the fact that it was not true, but my body reported to me all. And the exact indication that I was correct to change the situation was my body and brought it back to me very well when I had it.

This is new. I have been treated with respect for dysmorphia or pressure around food such as the waves of my illness. Do I always seem to make a translation of the standard signals, or be alert to something in my life, rather than something in between, something unusual. This activity has actually updated my experience with dysmorphia, at least this time around. She gave me a bit of respect for what I was feeling for a few weeks back, regardless of how sick they are and the pests-they actually were protecting the certificate.

When I recovered in my early period, my therapist suggested that anorexia might be involved in many years of my life. Its time span, which is my current point of view, is that the techniques and interests associated with food and the association may be missing from facts and facts that we are not ready to handle.

That seems, and he is still doing it. But I think everything that is not protected by my own benefit is different from that of the new. It is a telecommunication system, my body's way of telling me when I get a recycle in my own person or otherwise – I have worked hard to break it. Because she encouraged me to admit that I did not want my mind to see, I must thank my body for the thankfulness. She presented me with anxious way, but she sent me an important and true message.

As long as there are years of writing I write about the recovery process, never stop taking me awake. All of these problems, recovering, teaching, and continued to learn more. I'm not happy with my body tonight, but I'm talking. They have things to tell me. And I will listen. That is something to thank.

Have a good Sunday, buddies – and here's my food and gourmet last week.


Salin with a salad salad in the fall, with a radicchio display.

Replace coconut oil or oil oily Sasha shrimp, lightly dry ketchup for nutritious foods.

Kohlrabi is almost impossible, but Sherri encourages me with a beautiful kohlrabi and cream (Vegan!) Old Bay dip.

I'm going to look all about autumn dresses this week! Another wonderful creation: Lindsey & s creamy, broccoli removed from milk.

Finally, what do you talk about in autumn, comfort, and home, and culture, more than a piece of apples at home?

Read it

1. As Emma, ​​I am a strong cook of cooked vegetables.

2. As part of the caution, New York Times Professor Yamei Kin, Chinese physician working on tofu-prolonged, beneficial & healthcare services in the early-mid-1990s.

3. On the other hand, Quartz The stories of Barbara Lipska, a neuroscientist who had a major brain injury in 2015 and strives to understand how people have lost their mind since this.

4. Hakai It seems to shine the relationship between a man and a woman for a while. At this time, the article goes to British Columbia, where the two animals continue to live in neighborhoods.

5. Finally, The Cut talk about Nigella Lawson about her literacy skills. I am really satisfied with the 90s of the diet, whose work has increased the response:

I think it was, too, especially in our U.K., it was meant to be a “ great science, '& # 39; 90s But it was so much that happened in restaurants. Therefore, people began to think that they should cook as a home cooker.

… encouraged me to attend a dinner party for my friend's home. I sat in her living room, on her desk, and she had a kitchen cookteep so much. And all of them we cry aloud for the cry of the cry. Everyone was very aggressive. It was not easy at night. And I thought, "No diet, it's good to call pizza." I thought, "Things are going wrong here, people think they should do it."

It took me a long time to cook my favorite ones without feeling the pressure to carry out or adhere to unprotected standards. If I study it, it is a light snack, which is prepared for lightening, is the best way to bring together folks in the table.

I hope everyone gets breaks at night. I know seven weeks before going fast, but I'm ready to be present at any time, and we'll come back to share one of my low-profile meetings, a week of friendship, all the vegan friends!


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