Read More Weekly Reading

Read More Weekly Reading

Read More Weekly Reading

It is the last day of a small round of exercise. Of course I did not do all the things I wanted to do this week: cleaning the house and the organization of the project, access to the box, etc. But it was good. I gave myself a lot of time. We are surrounded by many. I cooked some of the food in the blog. I'm not ready for the speed to get it again, but I'm ready, I'm resting.

While I was resting, I gave lots of thoughts about the rhythm of my days. Many of the many things in the last few years I am surprised that I have to have a job that is in many forms. I have a lot of freedom in my time, which I know is a privilege, but it can be a different prayer. Confidence and confidentiality sometimes give me lots of opportunities to think about my thoughts. Working in the home can make it fun, and when it's in a dark situation, there is no place to go away. Regardless of how I work, sometimes I am worried that we do not do enough to serve the world around me, or to serve an animal.

Now I have temporarily resumed my speed as I remember my standards and the months ahead. "On" the whole day, always making a speech or information detail, return home at night to look at what I like, this blog is in. It's a lot of fun stuff; I have a sense of purpose, even if I want to add something, I have no doubt.

But I learned a lot about myself, to fall. I was given a space I thought, and the idea helped me to have compassion. In recent years, we would be able to look in detail at ways to change and I have adeegaynin, I sat myself emotional wounds never healing, because I never admitted that there were. I do not think I could do the "work" as it was going on the bag of bags, or just before, when we had full-time full-time work on this blog and science science.

In the evenings of the night, I had a little time with Ashley, who had come to me this week. We are not connected to this since we worked Power Supply, It was the first time in eight weeks that I really opened up to a friend. I'm talking about my work, my old problems, and I tried to get it again. When I'm busy, I have everything, tightly closed. A face-to-face story looks like deep, nutritious, nutritious, even sweet because Ashley's ability to listen to the hearing.

I really do not have any results here, but it's fun to manage it. It is remembered that a large amount of business is good for me; He cuts me in the world, gives me a sense of direction, encouraging me. Helping people in the real world is different than helping the words, I know I will need more personal involvement, if not in a health facility, when it's all over.

However, it took me a lot to cover laziness, facilitation, and proper living style. The creative work and time-consuming process makes me feel confident about myself and my feelings. I need it, as I need to feel meaningful and lucky. Unfortunately, when this year's DI is over, I will be able to balance my days so that I can do it and create it myself as a space for myself, to think, and to feel.

They want you to balance during the week. Here are the foods and read that I have watched this week.


Freekeh is one of my favorite fruit and I like this one in the Middle East, which is cooked, leaves, seedlings and chard.

Everything I want in autumn: cabbage, leather, nutrients and potato beans.

Also season season, a beautiful roasted salad, pear, aroma, quinoa and cannellini beans. That's what I'm calling a great salad!

Two small designs called & # 39; vegan & # 39; for cheat-or-careers in your life (or you). First, Jackie's vegan white chocolate cooked. I love the white chocolate and never tried to try it in a house!

Secondly, how famous are Tessa & # 39; s little crunch!

Read it

1. We all read about the dangers of the episode, but what is the screen on the screen, actually?

2. Haiku The newspaper published a picture of Kelly, a 44-year-old woman at the Atlantis resort in Bahamas. It is sad about the meaning of Kelly's word, which is unacceptable to find out the truth of the dolphin. Writer, Rose Eveleth, ending the thought of anthropomorphism, nature, and self, the human response to Kelly.

3. More ideas about the ongoing discussion about whether anorexia nervosa is culturally mediocre (and, therefore, usually modern) disease. My experience of illness should have been more than a traditional medium, but my assumption is that the stomachs are very different from person to person. I also think that the current spread of proprietorship is combining traditional cultural issues and genetic problems.

4. Absence, regardless of how mental health practitioners should be supported by depression after the patient dies of suicide.

5. Ending an entertaining message: The twin mental minds are thinking of them again, and again the second time.

In early this week, we will share the "defeat" we received and welcome to fail. You will see what I mean. Have a big Sunday, friends.


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